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Wednesday, 14 September 2011


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Sigh. No, it never does.


Alas no. *hugs*


I am both grateful and sad to see this post. Grateful to know that I'm not the only one who has thoughts like these. Sad to have confirmation that it, indeed, never goes away.


Nope. never. I am going through the same every month. Weird huh?


Apparently not! Even though we are absolutely done, tubal ligation and all, and we're happy having only one happy and healthy boy... I still wonder every month. 'Til menopause, I guess ;)

Lut C.

It's a bit like the lottery - it happens to other people, so why can't we dream of it happening to us.


No, it never does. Sigh.


No, never. With stories of women adopting and then conceiving or having a baby after 11 IVFs and, then one well timed night of fun, surprise, a ” miracle”! Or standing in line at the grocery and seeing Sandra Bollock's smiling face with the headline ” Pregnant at 47!” Why, why WHY can't it happen for me? Yep, infertility trained us well.


No, it seems it never will.


Hasn't for me, either.



Right there with you. Hugs.


I had a brief flash a few months ago, early in the morning before I was really awake. It occurred to me that I might be pregnant because I had been sick each morning. Then reality slapped me, for it's not even in the realm of possibility.


Oh, damn, doesn't it? Damn damn damn damn damn damn DAMN.


I guess not. Or at least not before... What? 55? 60? Surely it goes eventually?


Betty M

Nope. Not at all.
Good to see you here though.

country chick

me too, yet we're just on the brink of adopting #2 and so excited . . . but every month I still think "maybe" . . .

motel manager

I think I am in early perimenopause (periods coming rather often, heinous PMS) AND I don't want any more kids, and still I feel that exact same thing!


WOW. SUCH A TIMELY WEBSTE, SORRY MY CAP LOCK IS STUCK, THOUGHT I WAS PREGNANT FOR THE PAST 8 WEEKS, but alas it appears that the other "m" word is coming into focus. am so disgusted because i just married 8 weeks. what a lousy present!! why, why, why!!
okay...i know why. and i can't stay in this space long, but it sure hurts...it just hurts

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