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Sunday, 10 July 2011


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I think my favorite thing about the kid's speech is their mis-saying. Timmy still says "breftas (breakfast) and vitamitin", Ant is holding on to "aminal" and "betatch (attach)". I was really sad when Ant stopped calling his Donald Duck "Dogald". Sounds like Junior is doing really well in the language dept!

Lut C.

Haha, Linnea has been giving us a running commentary since she was a tiny tot too.
Sometimes we can't keep up giving her the response she wants.

They do grow up so fast.


Awww! So cute. I remember when Phoebe was 3yo helping her say yellow properly. She used to say "lellow" I missed it the instant I did it.


I love the language stuff best. Everyone comments on PB's language - maybe there's a causal link between those two statements! Also, I really hate the screeching/crying, so definitely a causal link I'd say.

When they get it a bit wrong it's even better. Recent example from us: I asked PB to tell Dad where we went that day. He said, "To the lavatory!" He meant the observatory...


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