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Monday, 17 January 2011


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Girl Detective

It's good to write these down, as they do change. I still mourn the cuteness of how my younger dropped his s's in words like spoon and spicy.

Is the door to the lion's cage torn off your Dear Zoo from repeated use? I taped ours back again and again, but something about ripping off that lion's door was awfully tempting for both my boys.


That's quite a list! Kind of makes me wish I'd written my own down, for PB.



We've done the same thing with Buddy, since Dee was so verbal he really suffered in comparison. Now that he's three, I've all but forgotten since I can't get either of them to stop talking long enough to draw breath.

I particularly like that "coffee" is for an adult drinking anything. It was the same in our house, but only in the morning hours. There came a time of day when an adult female drinking anything became "wine," and for a man, "beer."

Ah, well.


He's right on track, no?

Dereyougo :-)


Wow - a little chatterbox! Good job J!


That's a HUGE list. My 27 month old has not been a huge talker . . .

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