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Sunday, 03 October 2010


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Girl Detective

Since you asked...You're not fat; you're lovely. Going to a yoga class might help both with feeling out of shape and to calm your monkey mind, though.

Discuss P's weight with your pediatrician. Try not to fret.

Postpone the MMR till after the trip. Why complicate things?

My older son didn't catch up in language till he was about 2. He used "whom" correctly the other day.

Gently encourage H to see a shrink.

Feed the children mac and cheese, eggs, or a sandwich, or whatever they'll eat. Make a smoothie with a block of silken tofu in it.

Let P pick her own dress for the party.

Anyone who wonders if she's a bad mother isn't. And liking your work means you're smart and fortunate, not a bad mom.

Read a chapter of your book. Send that email. Take some deep breaths. Know that you're doing a great job at work and as a mom, and you have lots of people who love you and have your back. Hugs.

Yo-yo Mama

Funny. I have many of the same questions (or variations thereof) bouncing around in my head, including: Where is Kath??


And in. And out.

I'm sure you can answer all these questions, if only you could get time to work through them. Hopefully writing them down got you part way there already. If not, hope your holiday lets you get sorted out in your head a bit.


Hairy Farmer Family

Yes! Yes! Yes!

My life consists of lists. Lists that keep being buried by other lists.

But I AM impressed by planning dinner for tomorrow night. Half the time, I wander into the kitchen around 5pm, open the fridge, scan the empty shelves, mutter in annoyance, open the freezer and extract a pizza or frozen chicken nuggets. Which he comsumes with gusto, thank God.


I have an ongoing list like this too (including the wondering if I'm a bad mother part, I think that's pretty universal) and somehow am not managing to chip away at it nearly as much as I should. Sigh.

Betty m

I have many of these things on my list too. I find that sometimes I can't even get the energy to make the phone calls which would easily move a load of the items on to the done list. We need personal assistants all round.


Since Girl Detective suggested some answers, I won't repeat the effort.

Am I a bad mother for reasons a, b, c and d is a fixed item.


... on my own list, I meant of course.


Why are you reading my mind and then posting my thoughts on the internet?

Luo lin

I was worried about m own eating habits affecting my kid =-or of overcompensating in the opposite direction. My dietician/therapist recommended Ellyn Satter's book Child of Mine. That one has a lot about infants. Her most recent one --Your Child's Weight: Helping Without Harming--is a bit more oriented to parents of older kids. (I bought a copy to give to Z's day care after an incident where a teacher yelled at him for not eating his lunch.) That one talks more about overweight, since that's the big concern in the US and she tries to counteract some of the hysteria.

Her basic message is a division of responsibility between parents and kids.

It's been helpful to me, even though I have completely ignored her advice on some things, namely sleep training (she's for it) and breast feeding toddlers (she's against it).


I totally do not think there is a problem with you or your kids. Toddlers can't be fat, they grow out and in and out and it's normal.

As for speaking, he talks more than mine, but just like normal check-ups, like for eyes and height and weight, why not get his hearing tested? Can't hurt, might relieve your stress.

You are not a bad mother, not not not. And you and H will be fine, you are just tired and parents with busy lives


Ohh, sounds really quite... cluttered in there. Sorry. I have no assvice at all, being a childless person in a low-powered (low-paid, heigh ho) job. Just, I Don't Know How You Do It, but you do, and are very marvellous.


Okay, I'm probably fatter and I worry about dinner tonight, not about tomorrow's. So.. I'm more disfunctional than you - not that I'm competitive or anything.
Nice to hear from you.


Nice to hear from you. Sorry its a bit stressful now. The part about H is worrisome- hope its minor unhappiness and not major. And where is Kath?


All of this and family, step-family, money, etc...they're all in my mind, too. Tempting to sit back and just cry sometimes, isn't it?


Pob is not overweight, she's gorgeous and perfect. She seemed to eat well (she didn't finish her ice cream ffs! Girl has no issues) and I agree w/ pp that you're lovely! BUT - if you do want to get active, find something you like. I like dancing so zumba was good for me (although I'm now an addict, better that than the wine that I'm gulping), yoga is fabulous for destressing and you feel crazily flexible. Getting into a program is tough though - it all (for me anyway) hurts so much at the start.

E isn't talking either - gets his point across though! I did think about it the other day, but the second ones seem to fall into the later talking category.

You know you're a great mother - you're fabulous! You are respectful yet firm and Pob (I wish we could have met J) is an absolutely delightful child. And NOT overweight (did your pedi say this? she's a child!)

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