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Monday, 18 October 2010


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Carrie's War is probably middle years, too.
And no Pippi! How dare they!


nope pippi is there!

Hairy Farmer Family

Oooo! Lovely, lovely list! Had forgotten some of these, will put on Santa's list.


I’m The King of the Castle by Susan Hill is SO NOT MIDDLE years! Christ! The kid pisses himself and then commits suicide!


I agree that they've misclassified some, but overall a good list (and I'm kinda surprised at how many I'd read... and looking forward to reading some of those I haven't with the kids).


My thought is whoever compiled the list is 26 and never read much as a kid, so is just taking what other people said without much checking. Hence the occasional unfortunate categorisation.

I have read pretty much most of it, and it is an excellent list and a grand starting-point. I loved Burglar Bill with a passion when I was wee, and thought Each Peach Pear Plum pretty, but slightly dull. Dian Wynne Jones, I'd put on the teenage list as well, with Deep Secret and The Tough Guide to Fantasy Land (which is a good remedy for woolly thinking, as well as bloody funny). And my life would have been so much poorer without Susan Cooper. Why no Susan Cooper?

And my own middle years reading focussed very much on the Larousse Encyclopaedia of Mythology (because I always was a COLOSSAL geek), so my opinion on suitable books is bound to be... off. But I think most kids can handle things a tad more grown-up than their parents have bargained for. Even so, 'I'm the King of the Castle' I'd reserve for the over-twelves.


Book lists make me weary, for some reason.
I've always liked to saunter into the library and pick up something that takes my fancy.

I'm probably missing some essentials that way, but oh well.

Linnea loves to 'read' books, so I don't have make much effort to encourage her.

Hairy Farmer Family

I'm the King of the Castle buggered my head up for YEARS. I'm a bit Capslocky about it still!

Hairy Farmer Family

If Capslocky isn't an Adjective - IT IS NOW!

Betty M

Good list but some odd things missing. Susan Cooper definitely and I liked Cynthia Hartnett's Wool Pack books too. I never touched Wynne Jones so I'd leave her out. Elizabeth Enright's The Saturdays started an obsession with New York for me. Where is When Hitler stole Pink Rabbit too.


It's a pretty inspiring list. Even so, not one thing by Jules Verne? No? Mem Fox? Linley Dodd? Ah, dear.

I also agree with a lot of your notes re: categorisation errors, choice of titles from specific authors. Still, a very inspiring list, and one to borrow ideas from, for sure.


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