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Monday, 25 October 2010


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Go Junior!

No specific suggestions on which signs to teach him next. We tried teaching TK signs but he only caught on to a few. Much less than what Junior knows right now. And when his language skills started taking off at around 18 months or so we abandoned the signs. Probably just whatever signs that are necessary at the moment so Junior can express what he wants without going into a screamfest would be the ones I'd choose to teach next.


Sleep was a helpful sign for us. Yay Junior!


Yeah! The power of speech!!!
I'm glad he's making marked progress, because it is frustrating for him to know what he wants but not be able to tell you, and for you to hear him cry/scream in frustration.

We only used a few key signs, but they helped a lot.
Except some you've already mentioned, we also used:
- sleepy/nap
- book
- more (as in more food)
- give me
- hot

I tried to teach her the sign for pain, but that was too abstract.


No advice. Just, AWWWWW.


Girls are ridiculous, compared to boys. Given Mini's delays, It's hard for me to make a comparison, but by 15 months, she had so many words, it was beyond what is expected of her. She's lightyears ahead of the books suggestions, but he was so behind, I feel like it's averaged out.

And I just guess it's because she's a girl and they don't want to shut up, ever. It's kind of amazing to watch.


We failed signing, so no suggestions there, but gosh he seems to have a lot of words to say at 15 months! Makes me wish I remembered how much PB was saying at which age... but I can't and I don't think I wrote it down. Oh well, too late now. Yours both sound exceptionally well-developed to me!


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