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Friday, 24 September 2010


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Luo lin

It's okay, there are those of us who blog far less than once a month, if ever.

I can't wait for Zeb to tell me he *wants* to use a whiny voice.


Aw, so sweet. Yes, "Where's your big girl voice?" has become notably ineffective in our house, too.


"I don't want to talk to you in a happy voice, I want to talk to you in a whiny voice" -- this made me laugh my arse off. Pob's a darling little card, isn't she?

Lovely to hear from you.

Betty m

Good to hear from you and get more snippets of the adorable Pob.

I'm impressed your ante-natal group are still tight. 6 years on nearly everyone in mine has either gone to the burbs or the country or got divorced except the now multimillionaire one whose life doesn't really cross with mine anymore. I miss them.


She's very sharp. :-) And adorable!

Girl Detective

Never compare yourself to others--you can never tell what parts of their lives are in the toilet, and you always know what parts of your life are less than bright and shiny.

Hetty Fauxvert

Aw ... "all being a family together"... so sweet. Well worth remembering!

And it's okay that you blog when you get to it. I think it's been, what, two years for me? Gotta reform myself one of those days....


Been wondering when we would get another Pob snippet post. So glad to see this one today!


Such precious snippets! I should do some snippeting of PB, really. I don't know how people get around to blogging sometimes, either.


conceptionally challenged

Pob is wonderful. And I'd love to have your reasons for no time to blog.


Glad to hear any news at all from you, anytime, because I too, am a very bad blogger... ;)

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