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Tuesday, 27 July 2010


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He sounds lovely.


Luo lin

What a sweetheart.
Just when I think the stage of putting everything in the mouth is long past, Zeb will put a pebble in his mouth.

My Reality

He sounds like a wonderful little boy. I am glad to hear there is hope for napping! We are still in the onlynaponmommy phase.


Good Lord, is he a year old already?

I love how you write about him. He sounds such a darling lad.


Thanks for sharing! I love hearing about Junior and Pob since they are so close in age to my son and daughter. I'm also trying not to freak out about my little guy's lack of words since his sister was also a really early speaker. I keep reminding myself that each has their own gifts. Sounds like you are really enjoying Junior and that makes me happy. All the best to all of you!


It is always such a pleasure to read the insightful posts of the lives of Pob and Junior !


Great to hear about Pob and Junior.

Tantrums already! Hope that means he'll grow out of them sooner as well.

Signing takes a lot of practice, but worth it. I did some baby signs with my daughter, very practical and fun. She started talking quite soon and has now forgotten all the signs, though the one for milk still rings a bell.

What's better than cuddles from your baby! Enjoy them while they're in good supply, my daughter only rarely gives me a hug - she's too busy playing.


Oh Thalia, he sounds perfect! And how funny that your Junior and my Melon seem to be very similar in their temperaments and appetites -- and even their developmental stage, as Melon is no further along despite her huuuuuuge head-start... Ah, how wonderful. Smiling a huge smile over here.

Lovely to hear from you, my dear. And thanks for the nudge... ahem.

Betty M

Ahh. I love these snippets! He sounds adorable. Looking forward to hearing about Pob's ballet too.

Girl Detective

I love how you write about your kids.

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