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Saturday, 19 June 2010


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This post made me tear up. After having been with you through these years, to read these vignettes of your family fills my heart with joy. I am so happy you are at where you are at.


This gote teary as well. Thanks for sharing.


This is why I rarely comment from my phone. "Gote" was supposed to be "got me".


Lovely memories. And I'm sure there are more of them. Well written.



Just reflected on the flying of time from the struggle to coceive POB to now.....but such lovely memories to hold tightly to !


Your memories of this will be so loving and perfect. *sigh*

Ms. C

Lovely. It's those little snippets that are so important.

My Reality

Beautiful memories.


So glad to check in on you (after far, far too long) and see that you're so well and life is so full.

My husband started writing a little Word file journal to keep track of those little moments about a year ago and it's been nice to sit down with him every few days and think over the moments we don't want to forget.

Your heart breaking a little over Pob's apporaching the older girls is so familiar to me. It's so hard watching them in those situations, especially as they get older, isn't it?


Such moments of bliss--many moments like these are etched in my mind. Moments I one day (not-too-long-ago) thought I'd never get so lucky to have.

You are blessed in so many ways.

Oh, and the fleeting moments of heartbreak? They will come fast and furious as they get older, and without warning. But they help us make the good parts that much better :)

Betty M

I do love these vignettes. Hope all is ok with you.

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