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Thursday, 13 May 2010


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Oh, this is wonderful, dear Thalia! Many thanks for this update and this insight into major Cuteness. He sounds amazing. Hope to see him in action one day!


How sweet that Junior loves his big sister so much. I can imagine Pob not liking the brotherly love all the time though.

Glad to hear breastfeeding was a more satisfying experience this time.

Letting go of the possibility offered by those frozen embryo's, can't be easy for you.


Thanks for the update. I had been wondering how Junior was doing. Time passes too fast, doesn't it? Amazing that Junior is almost a year old.

I'm so happy to hear you were able to end on a high note with the breastfeeding. I know it was a struggle at times and I'm glad you were able to end it on your terms.

Hairy Farmer Family

Boob triumph! Happy baby! Happy sister!
All good here.


Aw, I love this post - I smiled or laughed through the whole thing. Our big boys are indeed similar (except there's no way my boy is falling asleep in my arms unless I have about 3 hours to wait!).

I'm SO glad that your breastfeeding ended well - good for you, I'm so happy for you.

They are amazing aren't they?


so so glad to hear that all is so well in house of Thalia!
I can not believe he is already 10 months and crawling and waving and clapping!!! (W only just figured out how to clap and he is quite amused by his brilliance)

My Reality

I am glad to read this update. It is good that you got end breastfeeding when you were comfortable with it, especially with how hard you had to work at it.

Maybe H will change his tune about the embryos?


I would certainly feel compelled to congratulate him on his cleverness. Waving, clapping and the "Rocky" stance - what's next?


Funny we are on the other end here, with Rick being ready to try again and me having reservations (but mostly medical ones).

We are almost done with breast feeding here too. I could happily stop now but although she doesn't like to stop long enough during the day to have a good feed, Kara will still not drink a bottle and she simply doesn't drink enough from a sippy cup to get enough milk in for the day.

Enjoy your lovely little ones!

Heidi Marsden

Every child's progress is heart warming especially to moms. Enjoy! I sure love being a mom to my girl. =]


Read this and though of time 'flying' it barely seems any time since I read your blog and it was Pobs expected arrival ! and now Junior changing from baby to a little boy - they sound such a delightful pair...

Ms. C

What a lovely update.
You certainly make the case for having another baby with your description of Junior's wave/clap as he fell asleep. Just perfectly precious.

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