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Tuesday, 16 March 2010


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I just think sometimes it's better out. I just went on a big cleaning spree of my Blog and still have more to go, so truely your not alone.

Lots of hugs.


I totally hear you on the loss of some internet relationships. And I know that many of the readers I once had no longer visit me because they are not where I am and it is a sort of self preservation tactic to stay away...but I miss them. And like you I will continue to keep cheering them on.


Dear Thalia, well if that's your worst side, you're a far better person than I!




"I was once part of a community where just over 200 people congratulated me on the birth of my daughter. I am still part of a community, but a different one, a different shape and with a different purpose."

Yes. I feel the very same way; mourning the idea of being connected to a community the way it was before.

So I personally am very glad you posted. It's nice to know I'm not alone.


Girl Detective

I,, too, struggle with the desire to be validated by comments, on FB and weblog, and have to keep reminding myself, I blog for myself, and if others like it, that's great, but it's gravy.


I know. Things really have changed, and everyone moves on. I'm hoping most of us will hang around the internet, because it will be very lonely here otherwise.


Well, it has crossed my mind a few times to stop blogging, precisely because I feel a bit abandoned myself.

Then again, my posts are about as exciting as a captain's log, stating wind direction, speed, etc.

Anna H.

Don't be red-faced or embarrassed, sweet lady!


Ah, yes, the mourning of the loss of a community. I have felt that myself. Kind of like you have moved to a new place and can't quite figure out your place in it. Except it's more like the neighborhood changed even though you haven't moved a cm/inch.


Ahh, of course you deserve us. You're such a lovely, kind person.


I'm just catching up on my Bloglines (I'll never REALLY catch up) but wanted you to know I still look forward to, and read your blog. I never let more than a post or two of yours pile up to read. I feel like one of the 2005-2007 trench-sharers. Still regret not hooking up during my very brief UK layover on the way to S. Africa in 2006. Frankly, I never understood how you found the time since I saw your comments everywhere! Sorry I'm not a good commenter anymore. I'm literally fried most of the day. It's me not you. Hugs.


200 people congratulated you on the birth of your daughter, that's fantastic.

I so enjoyed meeting you. I hope we can meet again someday and maybe have our kids play!


Sorry-have been typically snowed under with work but often here, rarely commenting, because I am a dick and must remedy that. Many apologies, Thalia - I read and I care!

Mrs. Hope

I do still read, though obviously I missed a few posts in there. I don't know - I guess I don't read anyone as much as I used to, and I know I don't comment as much anymore as a result.

I do remember 2005-07 in blogland with some nostalgia. So many of the bloggers I started with aren't here anymore.


I'm still reading too! And I miss those who've left us as well. I know some are on FB but i have no idea how to contact them at all...ah well

Hetty Fauxvert

Oh dear ... wandering in late ... just to say that although I admit I drop by more seldom now, I am so glad you and the family are all doing well, and that you update from time to time. I find that I tend to quit frequenting blogs that are not updated on a regular basis, even my very favorites. Oddly enough, it's my disappointment that my favorite bloggers (and yes, this includes you!) have not put anything new up that causes me to be reluctant to come back again. After I've checked and seen the same old post five times in a row, I start to feel like a cyber-stalker (or at least a complete prat!) for continuing to check.

I hope these new posts from you indicate even more posts coming in the near future! :)

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