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Friday, 12 March 2010


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I'm still reading! POB is a little younger than my punkin, so it makes me smile to remember the previous stages.

But I'm not a blogger, just a lurker...


Still reading!! Pob and the Kitten share a birthday, and I love the "snippets" even if I only have just enough time these days to read and then have to get on with life etc... I haven't got a blog though, which I suppose is a good thing as I'd likely never have time to update it.


Always here, always reading if not always commenting.


I'm still here, too. I've always been very slack as a commenter. These days I'm not blogging much either. Facebook is killing my blogging, I think, although there are some things I'm saving just for the blog.


I'm here. Should definitely comment more on everyone's blog but don't - guess that's why I have approximately 5 regular commenters, one of which is my mother in law. Well, that and the fact that I'm blogging 2 months in the past at the moment.

Totally agree with Joy that FB is killing blogging. I'm almost over FB for that very reason.


I still read you. I don't write anymore but do read and comment very occasionally. I almost did comment on your last post about the ambivalence of being done, as I feel very similarly.


Still reading! I used to blog, but don't anymore and rarely comment anywhere. I've also stopped adding many new blogs to my list to read, but have never stopped reading yours. :)


Hi, I'm not sure I've ever commented before but I've been reading for years. I hate that I haven't commented. I always felt I had nothing to say at first and then, well, I'd just never commented, you know? But yeah, still reading and enjoying the glimpses into your little family.


I'm reading as well. I don't write any more but I still follow most of the blogs I started reading several years ago, including yours.

Hairy Farmer Family

Big Love from the Hairies!


Still reading! Not doing much blogging myself these days, but I do try to keep up with the folks I've been reading forever.


Reading! Enjoying!

And feeling like a shmuck for not commenting!

Dead Bug

I'm here, too!


I read! I have a 3.5 year old girl & 2 y.o. boy, so nice to read about a similar family.


Me too!


I think you're right that when a baby arrives, the readership changes - quite understandably.

Could it also be that some of the women who make it to parenthood no longer feel the need or have the time to read loads of blogs?

On your last post, you got some quite substantial comments. After seeing those, I really didn't know what to say anymore - except 'I recognize that'. I was hoping for more inspiration to strike me, but so far no luck.


Definitely still reading and enjoying your writing. It helps that I also have a baby now, but we're about to reenter the fray of treatments in the coming months.


I don't have a blog, I am reading though. I should comment more. I often read from my phone, and I am a bit comment-shy, so I try to comment only when (I think) I have something significant to add. I have been following your blog for years and enjoy all your posts. The Pob snippets and everything else. I hope you keep writing.


Still reading and enjoying your posts! I'm not a blogger but follow lots :) Keep up the great posts!


I suspect that comments and blogs follow some of the same patterns that traffic follows, and that there are consecutive waves of loosely connected travelers.

I read less avidly and comment less often (though I was never a frequent commenter) in part because the stories that I followed in my own dimmest hours have evolved; they have lost their urgency, and perhaps so have I.

So while I agree that the glue is less potent and the community less close, I also believe that, for better or worse, we have come to a different stage. Misery craves company, but monotony manages alone.

Which is not to say I don't care about those bloggers I cared about. You were one, and you still are. Thalia, I am happy for you and Pob and Junior. Do keep writing.


I'm here, my dear, and I'm always happy to see your name on my blog feed. I don't quite know how you manage to write anything -- much less anything elegant and coherent -- with your schedule, but I think of you often, and am always glad when I get a glimpse of how you are doing. Your last post was so heartfelt, and such a nice window into your life/thoughts, that I suddenly thought "Like it used to be." Don't stop, please!


Still reading. Every post. Please keep writing.


I'm still reading. I may not often comment, but I am lurking. It's always nice to see a post from you and you have often had a kind word for me during our failed cylcle. Keep writing, don't stop. :)


I lurked when we were both 'infertile'. You have two children now, I have one. Reading you now is a kind of 'educating nostalgia' - it reminds me of where I used to be, and of my old fears, and reminds me that all of my new problems are nothing, NOTHING, compared to when I thought I couldn't have children. Your new blogging is just less heart-wrenching because we're both in different, less terrible, places. I think that's why there are fewer comments. Probably people comment most when the writer is distraught and they are too. Maybe count your blessings? But then I know you always do. Thanks. Juliet

Searching for Serenity

I'm here and I totally understand. I lost some of my favorite readers when I announced my pregnancy. I still continue to read and support them, but haven't heard from them in over a year. Then there are the blogs that I routinely follow and comment on and have never been visited by them. (shrug)

I figure if my readers can escape for a few minutes while reading, than I'm happy. But mostly, it's a place for me to vent.

My readership and blog roll has evolved. I find that I'm reading more blogs of people whose situation is similar to mine. But I still continue to read those that are still on their journey. I will continue to do so until there is a happy ending.


I've been reading since well before you got pregnant with Pob. I've never been much of a blogger myself, and as I've gone back to work more, I have saved my commenting for women on hospital bedrest, for the most part, since that was one of the most challenging parts of family builing that I encountered.

My two are 4 and 2 now. It gets harder to find the time, doesn't it?

I still brighten when I see your name in my reader. I love the way your intelligence comes through in what you write.


I read too. Always. But I lurk and hardly ever comment anymore - anywhere. Not because I don't care. I have also given up blogging myself. I feel disconnected from blogging but always delighted to read blognews. I realate many of the things you write about Pob to the things I go through with our star.

Alway, your reader from Sweden:). Nina


I'm still reading, just don't have much to say. I remember our pregnancies together. You with POB and me with SD.

Carla Hinkle

Still here! I always enjoy reading ...

After Words

I'm still reading...not great about commenting hear (and elsewhere) because I'm often reading on my iPhone and the commenting interface is clunky there. But yes, I'm still here, and I'd be bummed if you were not.

Betty M

Still here, reading and generally commenting too but the comments tend to build up in bursts as the weeks seem to fly by and I want to say something sensible.


I'm still reading, though I'm not sure if you've ever read mine (I'm private now). I have twin boys born in Oct 2007, one with special needs.

I find it hard to find time to comment, generally, and even harder to find time to blog myself now that I have children. (For what it's worth, I think the comments have waned on my blog too.)


I still read. I have been more of a lurker but I think I have commented once or twice. At any rate, I love the Pob stories. I have a daughter around Jr's age who is my second. I like to read how you all are getting on. Anyway, long way of saying I'm still reading and wish I got the chance to comment more.


I'm still reading too, and still loving the reads. Please keep posting. I'll keep reading.





That was me on the previous post, and I think you know I still post - but I'm not sure if I left a comment when Junior was born.


I'm still reading...and have always been a terrible commenter. But I enjoy reading about your little ones, so keep it coming.


I comment occasionally, but often don't have time, also the reciprocity... like you my blog is mostly for me these days, and I usually only get one or maybe two comments, even from people who I comment on much more frequently, so I've really lost most of my compunction to comment on others anymore either. Boy that's a poorly written sentence, but that's about the state of my mind these days!

I do still have your 5/500 post bookmarked to comment on...


I'm reading backwards tonight because I saved Nostalgia earlier this week for tonight when I'd have more time.


Still reading. I've definitely become worse at commenting and blogging since T came along.


Still here, even if I don't always say it . . .


I'm here and reading. Don't feel bad. It appears that the entire blogosphere is seeing less, all kinds of blogs.


Still here, still too lazy to blog myself. Seeing a post from you is like hearing from an old friend. Keep at it! :)

My Reality

I am here.




I went through a really lazy phase with commenting, and I noticed I dropped off in readership. My readers have come and go over the years, but I've been around for YEARS, so I try not to let it get to me. I blog about whatever is going on in my life, and it's not going to mesh with everyone all the time.

But I still read. Been trying to be better about commenting. It's so much harder to do things with two kids. Especially when one of them is super clingy.


Still reading!

Yo-yo Mama

I can hear you screamin' from here, sister.

Facebook and Twitter are part of the change.

Also, I would have to say a majority of the bloggers I walked hand-in-hand with several years ago are no longer blogging. So now that's 3 things have significantly impacted the commenting of others.

Lastly, I believe that the level of angst a blogger goes through (or is going through) does increase the commentig ratio. It makes sense since that's when we need and give the most support.

But yeah, I certainly have noticed and I take it personally as well.


Hi hon,

I too saw my comments decline a lot in the past couple of years. I think that a big part of it has to do with the switch from infertility/adoption blogging to mommy blogging. I think that another part has to do with the fact that there are more blogs out there now to comment on, so maybe each one gets fewer.

And then there's the fact that many of your long time readers (like me!) may have become mothers themselves. Take this entry of yours. I saw it right after it was posted and wanted to respond. But, as usual, I was reading while nursing a baby. I hate typing one-handed, so I waited. I came back the next day and wrote a long entry. I figured that because the window had been up for a long time it might not work, so I copied it before posting. Sure enough, the post didn't work. Then I tried pasting-- didn't work again. Then I heard a crash downstairs and had to run. Now I'm back, trying for a third time.

All this to say-- I'm here, I love reading, and I'm sorry I don't comment more often. It's not you-- it's me! :-)


I'm here. I don't know that I've ever commented. I have gone to comment previously but then read the other comments and felt a bit shy. I found your blog via another blog whilst I was starting IVF and have read every post since. Perhaps in future I should comment on each post regardless of what others have written? I really enjoy reading all about whats going on with you.

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