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Monday, 22 February 2010


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I'm going to have to wait to find out about Charlie and Lola. I clicked on the site and it's taking me longer to load than most kids PB's age would sit still to watch an actual show. Guess there's a toddler in all of us.

It does sound like Pob's coming on well, though.



We love Charlie and Lola! I am convinced Julius will soon have a British accent. A delicate one.


I'm exciting... so cute! And I have not yet had the pleasure of Charlie and Lola. They don't, by any chance, live in the jungle and have something to do with Mowgli? No? Ah well.


Try this site, it seems to load a bit faster

Actually they were books first, for at least 10 years, and only in the last 3 or 4 have become such a brand. I find them a lot more bearable than some of the alternatives.

Betty M

We like Charlie and Lola too. I am also fond of Clarice Bean who is slightly older but worth a go.


So adorable!

We're in a Sesame street phase for the moment. Pure nostalgia :-)


A's watching Charlie and Lola right now - just told me that she loves them. Granny sent a C&L shirt from M&S, but I hid it 'cause she calls it her Hannah Montana shirt. Just a little too young...

Ms. C

Oh! Had to comment because we LOVE Charlie and Lola over here! And pretty much anything on BBC Kids (like Balamory! But what's with the Fimbles? Who was smoking what when that was created?)

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