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Monday, 25 January 2010


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Hairy Farmer Family

A 'Muter! Lovely!
I made the grave mistake of showing Harry the Timmy Time website. Now I can't sit down in here without him clambering gleefully onto my lap and gesturing meaningfully at the screen. If I don't flip over to Timmy straightaway he grabs the mouse and starts banging it on the desk in protest.
I must see about getting him one of his own!

Yo-yo Mama

Yeah, Aitch will pick up something or point to my computer and ask, "Mommy's". When she tries to play on it, I'll take it away or move it and then it goes from being Mommy's to "me! me! memememe!"


Too cute! We have a muter lover here too. Banana would kill for one of her own -- lucky Pob!

Girl Detective

Makes me wonder if Pob has heard from her parents, as my kids have heard from us, that exact phrase about the 'puter. Then again, once my elder spilled milk on one and it died, so we have good reason to be afraid.


I use to not blog because I didn't have time... now I don't blog because 10 minutes on the computer is all I can grab before Caden demands to look at our entire collection of pictures. His personal favorite... "baby Caden in his jolly jumper Momma.... that's silly... what's THAT Caden doing?


Strangely, that's a Prawn question too! "Where's my home gone?" :)


She seems to be coming along so fast! Really complex sentences and concepts now.



Too cute!

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