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Wednesday, 06 January 2010


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I'm glad you finally got the breastfeeding experience you wanted. It's nice to have your body work the way it's supposed to. Hang in there and I'm sure work and pumping will go along just fine. You don't have to stop, just adjust a bit. Hang in there!


So happy to learn more about Junior and so happy to hear you got the BF experience you always wanted!


Great to hear that breastfeeding has worked out with junior.

Hairy Farmer Family

I was considering emailing you, it's been so loonnnnnnnng! Delighted to hear news of Junior, am determined to come & have a look at him before Spring! A x


Oh, but this is a LOVELY post to read. Apart from the bit about having to go back to work anxst. Hugs on that.

But happily feeding, smiley Junior? So sweet to read about.

Betty M

So lovely to see this post and to hear that the feeding has gone the way you wanted.
As far as pumping at work goes it is doable but quite a commitment in my experience. I had access to our first aid room which was set up with a sink, bed etc but no fridge so had to store the product in the kitchen fridge with everyone's skanky sarnies etc. It meant carving out slots in the day too although I became quite adept at pumping and reading documents but cant advise trying to email or phone at the same time! Sometimes it was a boon to have that half hour without any hassle. I managed to do it until they both went on to cow's milk during the day - so probably about 6 months of work pumping max and it was a relief to stop lugging all teh stuff in and out on teh tube (and I was only doing it 3 days a week). I kept up the morning and evening feeds for ages though particularly with Z as no treatment was in prospect.
Any chance of a photo of the gorgeous Junior?


I'm so glad feeding went much, much better this time around. Hat off to you for sticking with it, despite the experience of last time!


20lbs at 6 months? That's some fantastic breastfeeding you've got going there. So glad to hear it. I have to say, I've really enjoyed the last 8 months at home with my two, although I'm going to be going back to work 2 days a week in the near future. Is it at all possible for you to do something (not necessarily your current job) part time for a little while?


Hey- glad to hear he's doing so well. Sorry you feel so conflicted on the work stuff. Thanks for constantly checking in on me- am trying to be better about returning the favor in the blogosphere.


Sounds like things are going very well at the moment! What a pity about throwing that spanner in the works re: your job. I hope you can get it all together somehow.

I also feel sorry for the heavy ones with their gross motor skills. It was the same with PB - you'd watch him strain in the correct fashion but he just needed a lot more strength than his slighter peers!


country chick

Gosh, he weighs what Theo weighed at 15 months! No kidding! Well, OK, he was 9.75 kg, but really!
Lovely post Thalia.

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