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Saturday, 28 November 2009


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Aw, showing him how to use the bouncer - adorable!

I know what you mean about older kids, though. The Chieftain has no one his age (20 mos) in town at the moment and rarely gets to be around other kids, never mind play with them. He had a great time running around my friend's house on Thanksgiving, because her 7 and 6 year old niece and nephew were there. Or maybe he just really enjoyed plinky-plonking on her piano...

...but the kind kids, yeah. I know what you mean.

Lut C.

Linnea is doing good with language at 25 months, but doesn't sound as advanced as Pob is. She's discovered 'mine' and 'yours' but not 'I'.

I can imagine how another child giving Pob the cold shoulder wrings your heart (it would mine). In theory, it's supposed to teach children about the grown-up world. But that's not very uplifting.


My heart hurts just reading about how your nephew treated her. Ugh. And then lights with joy at the playing house with your friend's daughter. I hope that for all our kids the latter interactions are more common than the former.


Ah, kids. Who knows what's going on in his mind. Afraid of being usurped? Cottoned on to a certain male stereotype? Just feeling plain unloved and uncooperative? The peer group has a lot to answer for at that age, making it harder to get to the bottom of. The things they say about what happens to kids after they start school. At least Pob seems ok with it.

She does seem to be doing well. Quite the grown-up little miss these days, isn't she?



I love "play-ey"!!!! I nannied for twins while I was going through law school and when they were learning language the little girl was told often she was beautiful and would tell others that they were "pretty-ful" I LOVED it.

Betty M

It seems pretty universal the older kid ignoring the younger. They will play but generally only on their own terms. It makes it so hard for the little ones to know where they are placed in the grand scheme of the revered older child's life.

How fast it all goes though. She will be at school before we know it.


J's mom needs to teach J some manners.


i'm not one to pass judgement on these things, esp not having seen the scene, but i think i agree with isabel. if piper's cousins were giving her the cold shoulder, i know their mom would tell them that wasn't nice and "ask" them to at least take a few moments to play with her.

i was on the other side of the heart-wrenching at playgroup this morning. piper was completely disenchanted with a new girl in the group and threw a toy at her. of course we had a stern talking to and punishment, but i'm hoping sometimes it's not the kid, it's just that they're two!

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