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Thursday, 22 October 2009


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I'm glad things are better. I can hang a day's mood on the sleeping (or not) of my just-one child, and the rest of the crap that happens just makes it worse (or not). Name for the blog... why not just something involving "thalia"? you're certainly the only Thalia this American has ever heard of.


Was thinking about you this morning, wondering if your day looked up. I'm happy to hear it did.

I wish I had a creative witty title suggestion for you right now. Will think on it!


Lut C.

I'm glad things have improved!

Good luck deciding about the school, it's a hard choice.

A new blog name, also a hard choice. I'll have to think about it. Can you use something with metamorphing as a synonym for evolving?


Wow, was that ever a turnaround! Good stuff. As for a blog title... umm... how about Thalia's Evolution? Selective Breeding? Selective Brooding? Adaptation? Overcoming Barriers to Reproduction? Adapting to Motherhood? Thalia's Evolving Tale? The Next Generation? Thalia's Transformation? Thalia 2.0?

OK, running dry now... but maybe that's because I can't get the combination of the words "Marmite" and "panini" out of my head.


How about "Revolution-The Merry Go Round That is My Life"??? It has the word "evolution buried in R-evolution" and the up and down of the horses as the merry go round spins makes me think of what it's like to be a mom, wife, worker, wrangler of family life and personal life...my desire one day...although 5 failed IUIs and a failed IVF I weep that with 40 looming in 3 months, I shall never be a mother and get to experience all those joys and frustrations...but if you like it the name, take it...it's yours.


Oh I'm glad things are better! And very glad that you got an explanation AND an acceptance for Pob on the nursery school front. Hooray!

I'm crap at titles but if I think of anything I'll email you.

motel manager

Hello -- I have extra domperidone that I will never, ever use again, so let me know if you want it. I rarely check my blog email but will do so for the next couple of weeks if you'd like the drugs to have as insurance. :) embryomotel at * yahoo dot - com.

In terms of nursery schools, we put the firstborn in an amazing non-selective Spanish-immersion program. I've now started looking at fancier, selective, EXPENSIVE programs, and the whole process is daunting, and I'm not really sure it's better. I think I may leave him in this one and take our chances with kindergarten, which is a uniquely insane process here in San Francisco.


Glad it was a better day.

Loved Hrdy's book (the last one, haven't laid hands on the latest yet), so I suppose (keeping with evolution and her work) you could go with "Mother Nature," though that may be a rather laden title for what was an infertility blog, or, indeed, for any blog at all.


Funny how one day can be so crappy and then the next much, much better. If only we knew when the better day swould come. it would make getting through the sucky ones easier.

Not so good with titles, here, either. But along the evolution theme, may be something about evolving out of the infertile primordial soup?


I like the Evolution of Thalia. Which people would probably shorten to just Thalia. Actually, when I refer to your blog mentally, I rarely think the whole title. I usually just think "Thalia."

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