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Thursday, 17 September 2009


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been there. we still have nightwaking issues. and its very wearing. good luck with bootcamp. Thx for ur note. it does help to know people care.

Hairy Farmer Family

Oh God, that all so sounds so very, very familiar! It does pass, but you can virtually feel yourself losing braincells over it.


Definitely correct on the bootcamp idea. The sooner your start, the better it will be for both you and Junior. Hang tight - it will be hard, but just think of the results and don't give up.

I had a bootcamp when I was a toddler. I started waking up when I was 7 months old for no reason. My mom said it took about a month for your to figure out what was happening and to get me straighten back up. I was also a kid that did not sleep when I took naps, but I did take naps because Mom and I both needed the rest.


I'm sure you've tried this already but what about a sling/carrier or a swing?

Hang on and hopefully, the boot camp will do the trick.

Betty M

I feel for you. That sounds grim. Bootcamp sounds like the answer. Not sure I would know how to organise one though!


I remember standing at the end of my youngest sister's crib, joggling it in the extra-special joggly way that KEPT her asleep, waiting for either my Mum, my step-Dad or my other sister to turn up and do a shift, so baby sister could get a full two-hour nap in and not be shrieky over-tired all afternoon. When do they stop needing the joggling? I can't remember, but she's 20 now and I'm pretty sure no one needs to joggle her bed for hours... This could become seriously derailed, I shall shut up.

Sympathies, anyway.

Lut C.

Napping bootcamp? That sounds interesting. :-)

Portia P

Been there, got the T.

I've every sleep book published on my night table. We got heavy (finally) at about 5 months (I think). Improved but didn't get B through the night til 8 months!

He's till unpredictable - 2 x hour and a half naps yesterday and so far only 30 mins this morning but v screamy. Problem is now he'll only sleep in his cot. Never in the car nor the buggy. That's a whole new pain in the bum! If you train, try to get him to sleep in both settings if you can - although it might suit you to be at home?

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