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Tuesday, 08 September 2009


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I don't have anything useful to say except that I hope you figure out a solution that works for all of you. You've worked so hard and done wonderfully so far.

MFA Mama

No advice. You're Superwoman. I'm so terribly impressed that you've got him this far (I've done the SNS thing and it's a huge pain in the arse so truly my hat is off to you)!

Lut C.

I won't presume to give advice either.
In your shoes, I'd probably give my lactation consultant another call, who would then give me a pep talk.

Give yourself a generous pat on the back for doing what you're doing to make breastfeeding work. Of course, you wish it was easy as a breeze, but well, that's true of a lot of things.



That sure sounds like a heck of a lot of work, you deserve a virtual pat on the back.

Also, despite the supply issues, you're doing pretty well if you can build up a stash that size! I only ever had colostrum (lots), then a few drops of milk and I dried up completely by the time my babies were two weeks old.



Well, I actually think your boobs work fine, and if you want to just taper off the SNS gradually and not do any supplemental feeds, then why not? Your breasts will produce more if he sucks more.

If he's huge and gaining weight, you might not need the supplements at all.

As for getting out of the house, if you didn't have to pump or use the SNS would you feel comfortable just nursing in public? Cause you could take them both out and just feed him w/o the tube or syringe. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, so I will, but i know not everyone is comfortable doing that!

Or leave him behind and let the nanny or your husband feed him with the syringe or a sippy cup with a soft spout. (With my middle child, he went straight to a cup like that, because he hated bottles too.)

As for quality time with Pob? As long as you are there, it's special. You really don't need to go anywhere. And when Junior can do more and sit up and is more interactive, it will be different. But every first kid suffers from having to share mom when the second comes. Bottle fed or breastfed, at 10 weeks, first kids are lucky to get fed and noticed!

I think you are doing great and should give yourself a break. Really.

(And yes, LOL I'll shut up about the reflux--*mutters incoherent assvice to self*)


10 weeks - wow! I hated the SNS for the brief time I used it, so major props to you for making that work as part of your routine for as long as you have.

And. I'm not diagnosing reflux from afar, I promise. But. I did want to just mention, for what it's worth, that it took 2-3 different meds to see a real difference in MissM's reflux. Prescription Zantac didn't help at all. We switched to Prevacid, which made a notable difference. Adding OTC Mylanta (which I think is pretty similar to Gaviscon) sometimes took the edge off her symptoms in combination with the other meds, or in between doses, but never had any major impact.

(I'll duck now, in case you feel like throwing something at me.)


I'm so impressed you have 3L frozen. I never could freeze more than one bottle's worth. If the pumping or SNS are driving you bonkers (which they did me), I'd probably give them up and see what happens. We lasted about two weeks on the SNS and maybe two months on the pump. After that I just nursed them (and nursed them and nursed them and nursed them). It worked out ok for me, hope it will for you. Good luck. You're doing great.


I only had a "golden" time of a few weeks with breastfeeding and the rest of it was quite a struggle so I have neither good or bad assvice for you. All I can say is that I agree with all those who say you are doing a great job keeping at it. I remember when I had to exclusively pump because TK wanted nothing to do with the boobs at all and how hard it was. It's not an easy thing you are doing and as you said, the situation changes constantly.

I do have a little assvice as to the reflux. TK had reflux that gas drops did nothing for. And I think Gaviscon is just for gas? After he got on an acid reducer there was still spitting up, of course, but he no longer got woken up after half an hour of sleeping and could sleep a bit longer. Actually, now that I am remembering, TK's reflux was better after we gave him Mylanta which has both an antacid in addition to the simethicone for gas and the antacid soothed him quite quickly.


I breastfed dd#1 for a year, and am currently breastfeeding dd#2 (she gets expressed milk during the day while I'm at work). Dd#2 is a week shy of 4 months. I've always taken a hard line with breastfeeding. As in, put them to the breast and let them suck. If they don't want any then they must not be hungry enough. Both of my children have/are gained well, never has weight been an issue. So, I never had the worry that they weren't gaining. DD#1 used me for comfort a lot. I let her. It was good for her and my supply. DD#2 does uses me for comfort but only right when we get home after daycare/work and again for her "before bed" feed.

It's not easy having a toddler at your feet as you try to breastfeed #2. DD#1 did lots of picnics in our livingroom and I am not at all ashamed to say that educational programming on the TV became my friend.

So, if it were me? I would forgo all the SNS and supplements and just sit down and breastfeed him. He clearly wants you and your closeness. Might as well give it to him, you will learn to do more for Pob while breastfeeding as time goes on. I can now breasfeed DD#2 and paint with DD#1.

In the end it is your decision and whatever YOU decide is what's best for YOUR family. You're doing great!


Oh T - I'm so sorry you're going through this - I'm actually wondering if we're the same person in different countries? E.just started the vomiting the last couple of days and my breast milk is non-existent - he gets a couple of drops daily - whoo.

You're definitely doing a great job, going above and beyond - good luck with your compromise, I hope you find it soon!

Betty M

Not sure I even know what the SNS is exactly but it sounds like you are going way more than the extra mile to give Junior all the breast milk you possibly can. He is growing like a champion so you are clearly doing right.

The resentment in relation to the lack of time with the elder sib is something that happens even if bfeeding is easy like it was for me. I still feel I never have any one on one time with L since Z arrived and I do miss it.

Girl Detective

You are going so far above and beyond that I'm almost astonished, except that I know it's YOU, so of course you're doing it within an inch of your life.

I often found the things I clung to hardest were the ones I felt most relief at letting go, and that also produced the most positive results, like when I finally decided to get my son observed for learning issues.

I'd advise to at least keep trying with bottles--they are likely to buy you a break.

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