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Wednesday, 26 August 2009


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Awww...cute! I have a notebook in which I record P'isms, as I know I'll only forget. They say such adorable things at this age.


Definitely more verbal than my little girl. I come down with wet hair and it's an "oh-oh" and a point to my hair.
Pob sounds like a sweetie and it's so great that she seems to have taken to "it".


Yes, Well done Pob, well done!

(Had just sent you an email to see how you were doing. Glad to see a post from you!)

Hairy Farmer Family

Clever Pob!


Dancing in the shower -- she's brilliant!

Girl Detective

Good for you for writing them down. I always forget. Cherish the times you ask and she does; this will change. But then change again.

Betty M

I particularly like "well done Pob"! This is such a cute age. I totally failed to record any of my two's Bon nots which I sometimes regret.






Lut C.

She's so smart!

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