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Wednesday, 22 July 2009


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Hang in there Thalia! Junior looks so good and healthy, and Pob! What a darling.
As you know, it WILL get easier, and for now it's just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other and making it through each day as is comes.
Thank you for taking the time to update! I've been checking every day to see how you're doing.

tree town gal

oh - thanks for those photos, t. the one of junior with pob... precious... love the identical hair color -- almost too beautiful to be real.


TK took a long time to feed, too, in those early days and if it weren't for those occasional smiles, I don't know how I would have made it through. Hang in there, those smiles are coming.

Junior looks wonderful! Just wonderful and I love that picture of Pob looking at him. So sweet!


Oh, he looks lovely! And they look sooo cute together. I'm so happy for you!

So yes, pumping can be blah, I hope the domperidone helps a bit? If you go to that site I linked to before, they have email contacts, maybe they can tell you if you can take a higher dose and that will help?

Anyway, I'm glad you are making it through and yes, newborns are always brutally hard work. I do think that when Pob sees some smiles and reactions and the baby starts to be more fun for her, she will be waaayy more enthusiastic.

So my question is, do you have the nanny still with you? A cleaning lady? Is your mom helping with meals and kid-watching so you can at least take some naps and eat some food in between feeding and pumping?

Thinking about you here and hoping you have a really great caregiver for you, the mom! You deserve it!


Hang in there! It will get easier. And your children are both just beautiful.


Oh good grief- such handsomeness! And Pob- gorgeous!

May you work your way through this and get to the fun part SOON.


They look so sweet together! I hope Pob adapts quickly, and that the feeding gets easier and the sleep longer.

Lut C.

You're doing whatever you can regarding the BF. I understand that it frustrates you though.

Lovely baby pics. :-)


Great pics. I hope things improve on the BF side.


Y'know, you've already given him a great start, and he'll get the antibodies even if you supplement with formula. Having two children is extremely hard work, and it sounds like you won't be able to "relax" once you go back to your job. Your (mental?) health is priority #1.

Girl Detective

Hang in. If it's any consolation, you'll probably hardly remember this time in the future, just as a fuzzy, unpleasant time in your life. Smiling starts soon.

motel manager

I just love that photo of Pob and Junior. Your children are gorgeous! (And, of course, smart, witty, kind, etc.)


I didn't supplement w/my first but did w/my second. At that point, I felt time was just too precious to spend it on the pump--and I was just so sick of it. Somewhere along the line I had the epiphany (or maybe a rationalization but whatev) that it's good for them to get the added benefit of a little formula. Anyway, that worked well for us -- breastfeeding as much as possible -- formula feeding when it wasn't.

I hope you find a solution that works for you. Hopefully one that removes some of the stress and exhaustion.

Your kids are breathtakingly beautiful.

Betty M

Oh they are so adorable.

Sorry you are getting too little sleep - part of that will be the fact that there are two of them I'm sure. You'll get through it.


This post was so bittersweet for me. I think you have captured (perfectly) that overwhelmed, lost, sad, relieved, crazy in love feeling of having a newborn (whether its the first or fifth child I imagine).
And I can't believe you have time to be commenting on blogs - thank-you. The young man? The boy is wonderful. It is so fantastic to realize that you truly like who your child is (not just that overwhelming love thing but that you respect their opinions and crack up at their jokes). It's something else you have to look forward to.


The loss of being able to BF really bit me. I am glad you are having more success, albeit it's hard. You're doing great.



God he's so lovely! And the hair! Pob is so adorable in that last one, too.


Oh yeah. You're bringing it back for me already. Once PB fed for five hours straight - between midnight and five am. No wait - he took a twenty minute break. And that wasn't so out of the ordinary for that stage, I only remember because my mother was all, "really?" and I had to show her where the book said this was all normal, and relate how the lactation consultant had backed that up, then she mused on it and it all came back for her, and it was this whole conversation. And the latching off and crying and latching on etc. Nuts, and went on for ages and ages, so it seemed at the time. Luckily, as you say, it gets better eventually.

Wonder how people used to have eighteen children etc - two seems more than enough for that newborn time period.



What beautiful kids! I love the shot of Pob and junior. So cute. Thanks for sharing!


Good to get an update. Those first few weeks and months are so hard- can't tell you how glad I am to be done with it all.
When you get a chance, can you send a note with Junior's real name, pretty please?


Both your children are aboutletly beautiful. Congrats Thalia. I am sorry that breastfeeding is being a beast again. I sincerely admire your determination. I only had to feed and pump and supplement (with pumped breastmilk) for 4 days and I told the lactation consultant that if I had to continue it, I think Kara would be a formula baby. Between the feeding and the pumping and the bottle, feeds were taking two hours and that is much too long at night!

And thank you for expressing what I was feeling and feeling guilty about. That newborns are a lot of hard work, and it is easy to think how much more productive this time could be spent with your toddler. Thank you for reminding me that this stage will pass soon, and the baby shall be a little person before we know it!

Hope all is well with you today.


Such beautiful pictures! What a couple of cuties.

Hang in there, the smiles are coming soon and you're right that they make all the difference.

I think the thing I'd most underestimated going from one child to two was how much more difficult things would get with my firstborn, but that passed eventually and quickly enough they got to the point where it's just so much fun to watch the mutual adoration they have for each other.


I've been by a few times but remiss in commenting. Firstly, congrats on Junior's arrival! Secondly, I'm so very sorry that breastfeeding is again a challenge. I know you are strong and will push through, but it still sucks that nothing is easy.

Thank you for sharing your photos. I always love to see them and marvel at what glorious, beautiful children you have.

I hope you do get back to running. I started at 9.5w postpartum and it made an enormous difference in my energy and was a wonder for clearing my head.


Mazel tov! With the bris usually is sooner is better.

marie baguette

What a pair of beautiful children! Congratulations Thalia!


I love the photo of her peeking in on him. Priceless. Precious.


A am a little late... very adorable

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