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Wednesday, 10 June 2009


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Fringe benefit of bedrest? Not falling over so much. I had to have my husband help me get in and out of the shower, though...



You poor thing! I got the same way at the end of my pregnancies. Try some Neosporin on your scar. It should make it heal faster.

Hairy Farmer Family

Oh honey! Poor you! How embarrassing! And, ummm, painful.

I never had a major fall pregnant but I did have a fairly catastrophic trip over a paving stone whilst carrying a small-ish Harry. I staggered for ages and knew I couldn't save myself, pulled Harry's head tight into my chest, and performed - what I'm told - was a perfect Charlie's Angels-type shoulder-roll. My jeans and knee were shredded, but Harry's head never actually touched the pavement, despite having been completely turned upside down. I sat on the pavement and cried whilst a crowd of kind ladies tried to calm my indignant baby down. So humiliating!


I'm so sorry about your fall. I hope that you recover quickly.


Ouch! Not so fun, can your doc give you something to rub on the scar, maybe make it less painful and heal better?

Yeah, I have to admit, that was the point where I was very very wobbly and poorly coordinated. Are you off work soon? Maybe it's time to skip the Tate Modern and just rest a bit until after the babe comes. It won't be long now, hang in there!


I can relate to the uncomfortable part. And boy am I glad you told this story. Because if I get wobbly and unstable I am confidant I would have assumed my tumour was back.


Oh, poor you. How many weeks are you now?


Can't get Neosporin in the UK (we slip it into our luggage) but Germolene isn't bad.

Is it something to do with your inner ear, maybe, especially if you are bunged up? Probably can't take decongestants but some old-fashioned steam might help (if it's as cold down there as up here)


But it's hilarious! Sorry - I laughed my way through the beginning of this post as I'm experiencing a few of the same things. And I'm many weeks behind you I think?

Sorry about the war wound!

Betty M

Uggh - sorry about the fall and the scar and the bruised dignity. It is good though that it is getting close - no? Have you stopped work yet?

Girl Detective

That sucks, but you're wobbly because your center of gravity has moved. It'll come back. And by scar do you mean "cut" or "gaping wound" as opposed to "permanent remainder of healed wound"?

Lut C.

Falling is one thing, being reminded of it by a bruised face is another. Hope it heals nicely very soon, and that people stop giving you those looks.

Hetty Fauxvert

Ow! So sorry for your poor nose, not to mention the indignity of falling on your face in public ... and then getting "those looks" on top of it all! You should come up with a really good story in case someone has the gall to try and make you come clean about what happened. Something that would really curl their socks....


I'm sorry I missed this when you posted it! How's your poor face?


just when i thought i was getting to the difficult stage you remind me i have a ways to go! why am i excited to remember that it gets oh so much more pitiful?

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