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Thursday, 11 June 2009


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That is cute, I've been waiting for Julius to make the connections and ohhh this sounds great, I can't wait now!

Hairy Farmer Family

I'm going to call my pyjamas Elmer!


It took my DD a long time to master her colours. We kept talking about them and naming them, until at around the age of two, something clicked into place. Same with numbers, which clicked around age three, and she's now hard at work on letters and reading. She keeps asking and trying and getting things wrong until one day, she's got it. Does Pob follow a similar pattern?

(And, more importantly, are you FINALLY getting some rest?)


LOL, how cute. My DS (older than POB) is still "working on" (or "failing at," depending on your perspective) colors. In particular since he often mixes up (?) red & green I do actually wonder if he may have some color blindness (being a boy and all). But then again, maybe colors are just confusing. I'm sure as he gets older we'll be able to figure it out.

POB sounds charming, and with perceval, hope you're able to get some rest (and that your face is healing!).


I went over and over and over again trying to teach my daughter colors...honestly I thought she will never get this...then one day - BAM - she got it. Amazing!

Betty M

Colours - Z is hopeless at them. So much so I am pretty sure he is colour blind. Poor child is sick of the colour games.

Don't you find Elmer a bit annoying? One of my least favourites.


piper's default is usually orange, but the one she always knows is white, because all her socks are white and we say they are white every morning. then sometimes i wonder if she just thinks white is another word for socks.


I love how the mind of a child works. Amazing really. Amazingly frustrating at times now doubt, still amazing.

How much longer for the siblings arrival?

Hang in there . . .


that would be sibling's arrival . . . unless there is a twin hidden in there . . . I just can't type/think/spell, etc.


She's a smart one, that for sure. I hope you're doing well. Hang in there!


Pob is amazing.

She also makes me look at my children and want to pat them on their heads and say "Someday, my dears, you will catch up."

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