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Wednesday, 27 May 2009


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I'm afraid I'm no help.. I'm a big Kris fan. Something very sweet and comforting about his voice and persona.
Sorry. :)


Don't get me started...have you been exposed to my obsession on Facebook?


Everyone is afraid of TEH GAY! That's why. And evangelical christian groups organized MAJOR support for Kris after Danny was dropped (Danny is involved with a large Evangelical church, and apparently Kris is too). Emails went out that said, specifically, vote for Kris because we cannot have a gay American Idol.

That's why.

I love me some Adam. :)

Hetty Fauxvert

I was a little sad at the outcome but not surprised. Adam is an extremely talented and obviously hardworking singer, and I can only hope that his *not* winning will actually help his career. As for how it happened ... two voting groups: the tweeners who think Kris is adorable, and the self-styled Christians who shifted their voting from Danny to Kris when Danny left the show. I would imagine that about 90% of the people who formerly voted for Danny switched to Kris, not Adam. And there you are.

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