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Tuesday, 12 May 2009


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YAY for an excellent update from you!
Glad someone gave you a proper nudge as I have been missing you.


My God, you poor woman, that much work? Kudos for getting through it. SO glad you get to STOP soon. And whatever is it about builders' complete inability to do what they say they'll do when they say they'll do it? It's weird.

I slept in a drawer for the first few weeks of my life. My parents were doing up a farmhouse in the mountains and in their naive eagerness completely forgot about things like, ooh, cribs, nappies, such-like. I like knowing I spent a few weeks in a drawer. It's funny.

Pob sounds adorable.


Glad to hear you're OK. I've been missing you too.
Pob sounds like a darling.

Betty M

Great to see an update from you although I am amazed given your schedule that you have a moment to yourself. Sorry about both the work hell and the builder hell. Never ever has a builder in this city finished on time.

Pob is sounding in excellent form. The name choice for Junior is an interesting conundrum - men get strange about the edgier boys names perhaps boys are just crueller than girls about names in the playground?


Sounds like you are working way too hard! I hope June 15 will come quickly for you.

Thanks for sharing the updates on Pob. It sounds like she is growing up to be a lovely little person!

Lut C.

How awful that you have to work so hard right now. :-( Hopefully the construction work won't be drawn out too long.

Lovely to hear about Pob's development. I'll resist the urge to compare.


Hi, came here through your creme de la creme post on stirrup queens, and your post about "would have been's" broke my heart as I also recently suffered a miscarriage. Im glad to hear that you succeeded now, and so glad you get to enjoy living beautiful child(ren).


Nice to hear from you! FWIW, Ant didn't seem to get that his sibling was coming until about three weeks beforehand when we put the crib together, got the carseat out, that kind of thing. It was also right around when he turned two - as Pob is a little younger, she may not comprehend until it happens - but in some ways that seems like it might be better!


Sorry to hear you're working so much lately. I know the feeling. I'm looking forward to my maternity leave very much as well.


So good to hear you're doing ok - but not glad to hear about your crazy work schedule. I don't know how you do it, I went out today for 4 hours and I just about collapsed!


I stuck the edges of the black out blind down with sellotape. Ruined the wall - but the first morning they woke up at 7.15 instead of 5.30 so well worth it.
You are working WAY TOO HARD!

motel manager

Boys' names are much harder than girls', I think. With girls' names, I think the spectrum of interesting/meaningful-but-not-tacky-or-weird names is much larger. With boys, it's almost as if you have to be totally standard or completely bizarre. And that's why our second son didn't have a name for three days. Thank goodness I had a c-section and we got to stay in the hospital for longer. (They make you choose a name here before you leave; I recently saw a friend of mine from your neck of the woods whose fourth child still doesn't have a name after six weeks, so apparently things are different there. :) They call him "Baby" or "Junior" -- avoid that fate!)

I hope work settles down for you. Pob sounds delightful!


Glad to hear that all is well, relatively speaking. The work sounds crazy. The book *I Don't Know How She Does It* comes to mind... On the upside, you may find the sleepless early days with the new baby positively relaxing by contrast!


what a charming little girl!

Hairy Farmer Family

We had one, repeat one, boys name, and Harry got it. We got utterly grounded on a second name; so much so that the registrars wrote a snotty letter to remind us that: ahem, TIME LIMIT, people!

Good grief, all those stairs! Your thigh muscles will be in superb condition for a sneaky ski-trip away next winter though...

Pob has correctly identified cake as a Must Have. Harry flips opens his mouth like Pacman when he sees it coming!


Ok, I love your sweet Pob.

So glad all is going well and hopefully the boy name will come to you shortly (along with some prebaby rest!)

Hetty Fauxvert

Oy, 6 flights of stairs at 7.5 months gone! I would say, shoot the builders! except that then you'd have to hire another set and it would take that much longer. Good grief. Hope they let you out of the attic soon!

Re the teething: Our boys LIVED on Infant Motrin (Ibuprofen) for a couple of months while their toddler molars came in. I would dose them both with the maximum allowable right before bedtime, and that was all that kept them from waking at 1 or 2 a.m. with the teeth (as evidenced by those nights I forgot and had to bring out the Motrin at 1 or 2 a.m.!). And Ibuprofen was much better than Acetaminophen because the effects last 6-8 hours, basically overnight, vs. 4 hrs or so. Really saved all our sanity. Also I think you will find the blackout blinds help a lot! Best of luck with your (obviously) adorable, amazing girl!

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