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Saturday, 18 April 2009


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Hairy Farmer Family

Wearing is certainly the word. Toddlers. Gah! I'm sooo fed up with these tantrum things already.
Poor Thalia! All that travel would be exciting as family holidays, but bloody hard if it's proper work + childcare.


Glad that everything is going well and understand the whole whirlwind of busy busy busy PLUS toddler! even as I type I can hear tricky screaming out MUMMMM from his bed. Those pics of Pob earlier are so gorgeous Thalia I haven't seen them before, she is lovely. xx


Welcome back to the blogging world! I don't even know what day it is, so when bloggers disappear for a month or so it can feel like a week to me. How does any working mother have a good concept of time? I want to know their secret.

Hetty Fauxvert

Funny, I pulled up your blog tonight thinking I would put a flea in your ear about posting again already(!) -- I know, as if I have a leg to stand on in that regard -- and here you are waiting with a short but pithy post. :) I'm glad Pob and Jr continue to do well, but sorry about your limited time with Pob. That must truly suck.

I hear you about the tantrums! Sam loves to just hurl himself on the floor and wail at the tiniest provocation (whereas Gus doesn't cry that much but he loves to whack people, including yours truly!). All part of growing up. God help us all. :)

Betty M

I was wondering where you had got to! Your schedule sounds pretty grim. Are they ever going to let you slack off?
Sorry about the tantrums and screaming - they pass - then they come back - then they pass in my experience.
I also felt less moving when I was really busy particularly with teh 2nd - something about teh additional layers of protection that i had gathered didn't help. Glad it is all going well anyway.


The tantrums do wear off--when they hit 4 or 5, then it comes back when they turn twelve. I think this is why daycare and boarding school was invented!

Anyway, is all that travel okay? Holy woman, you need to put your feet up a bit now and then don't you? Don't drive yourself to crazy. And tell H. sorry but things like motorcycling weekends are no longer possible, for like the next 5 years or so. A pregnant working mom and a toddler means life changes. (Yes, I know you likely said it was fine with you---why did he even ask in the first place?)

Anyway, please rest up and let us know how things are going when you can. Updates can be even shorter than this, if you like. ;)

Lut C.

Good to hear all is well, busy, but well.


I feel you on the tantrums. Zach is all about pitching fits lately.
Glad things are going well!


I am finding the baby tantrums wearing already... I'm not sorry we're planning to move closer to relatives before he really gets going with them. The boy has potential.

Glad to hear all is well with you, if overly hectic!



Sounds like you are way to busy!

Take care!

p.s. oh the screaming.. hope yours doesn't last long!


Good to hear you're well, if a tad exhausted. I find sitting around on my recliner all day exhausting - so I have no idea how you're doing it all!

Stay well... x


it is INCREDIBLY wearing. not a fan of the toddler tantrum stage AT ALL. and on top of crazy busy at work, travel, pregnant, a stomach bug...ugh! in your spare moments (ha!) i hope you're planning a fabby vacation!

Country Chick

Good to see you back. Sounds like very hard work.


Glad you and your family are well! when you feel up to it, I'd love to hear what you're thinking about junior's entrance into the world...


Holy smokes T - busy busy! How in the world are you managing? I guess you just have to, right? Take care, I hope you can get some good rest soon!


Ah, yes, tantrums. My sympathies. Also, sympathies for tummy-bugs and insane business. You poor brave noble woman, you're making me feel very lazy indeed. I bow before you.


Glad Jr. is doing so well, but sorry to hear that you're swamped. Hope all this work now means you'll get some good leave when Jr. arrives!


Hope you're still doing okay. I know you're swamped, but your fan club still loves you. :)


Ok, we're headed for the month mark again. Are you alive?

***tap***Is this thing on?***

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