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Friday, 06 March 2009


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Keep us posted! Poor pob ...

DS developed conjunctivitis during a week when I had an important meeting, and a LOT on my plate. No nursery for him, and if you only work two days a week, you NEED those days, dammit.

But, as you say, everything is manageable. I hope you can take Pob with you.

Hairy Farmer Family

Crap. Wish I were able to wave that magic wand of mine! Fingers crossed exceedingly tightly indeed.

Carla Hinkle

Ooh. Fingers crossed and all that. But yay! H got a job! That is good to hear.

Betty M

Hope the eye issue is not something that stops Pob coming with you. Great news about H's job. How are you doing?


GOOD LUCK -- and may the gods of airplanes speed you along and keep your daughter quiet, smiley, and sleepy.


Good luck!


I love Baby Tylenol/acetaminophen for just such occasions. Baby benadryl as well. ;)

If you have any baby/child travel tips beyond drugging to share btw, let me know...I'm desperate!


Good luck! 17mo doesn't sound like the funnest time to plane travel, from all accounts, but I'm sure you will both cope.



add just a few extra hours and you could be here in sunny, well almost sunny Australia. come on you know you want too.

hope all goes well for the flight and week away. part of me says you are crazy the other part says wtg mumma!


Good luck! The longest flight I've ever done with a little one is 6 hours, and that was long enough!
Do you have a portable DVD player? They are worth their weight in gold on long trips!

Lut C.

Good luck, wishing you a smooth flight and a pleasant stay.


Much luck. I find that the anticipation is much harder than the actual trip. Of course, I don't have a 10 hour flight with a 17 month old in my plans... :)

Hope it goes well!

another karen

best of luck - travel safe!


I hope all goes well! Enjoy the FL weather. :)


Good luck! Enjoy Florida. Can't wait to hear about the trip!


I will be in Florida next week! Where will you be? I hope the flight goes well and that the trip is wonderful.


Hope the flight goes well and Pob feels better soon!


So glad that all is well with POB! Good luck and safe travels!


Glad that Pob is okay. Have a good trip!


whew i hope the trip goes (went) well. you'll be coming home exhausted i'm sure!

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