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Tuesday, 24 February 2009


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Betty M

Oh she's lovely.

Betty M

For reasons which escape me I can't comment on your previous post so I am cheating and commenting here.

I only had a sister and I was desperate for a brother - classic grass s greener somewhere else syndrome.

I knew that I wanted a girl a first time round. I was nervous of boys - growing up with no brothers and going to a girls school boys were mysterious. I figured if I was only going to get one IVF being what it is I wanted a girl. So I was pleased that L was indeed a girl and perfect and sassy and cute just as I has imagined. When her sibling came I wanted the baby to be a girl too - but this time I didn't get my way but he is perfect too. Different but perfect. As to how they are with each other time will tell (currently he adores her and she is slightly exasperated by him but loves to have a willing slave) and I bet like me and my sister the dynamic will be constantly changing.

One excellent thing about one of each is that it changes the "do you want another one?" question to a "ooh lovely - one of each - you must be done then" statement for which I am grateful.


What a delicious baby! How very lucky you are :-)

Hairy Farmer Family

Oh God, are eggs bad? I know there's a slight risk of salmonella with non-innoculated hens - as ours are - but I didn't think it was that significant. Harry has scrambled eggs for breakfast most mornings! Mind you, he also houses chicken bhuna like there's no tomorrow, so I expect any tummy bacteria just get seared off in the curry-heat!

Harry has just switched onto soft toys, after nearly 19 months of completely ignoring them. Watching him trudge away from me whilst towing his teddy bear by the arm is too 'When We Were Very Young' for words! He is also a block/hole banger. All the best babies are.

And the photos, whilst very very fetching, do not quite convey (for me) Pob's full dark-eyed loveliness. I shall just have to come see her again for another blast!

motel manager

She is so beautiful! And so advanced!

I still thought of So.ren as my baby until Seb.astian arrived. Then I realized that So.ren is enormous. I still call him my baby, though.


It's funny how much more a post like this means when you've met the child in question! I love the photos, though HFF is right - they don't capture her full gorgeousness.

P was just talking about "the babies" last night, and mentioned Pob by name. I didn't think she remembered, but she did!


Pob is adorable. Is this the first time you've posted photos of her? She seems so very smart, too. And she'll always be your baby, no matter how old she gets.


What an amazing little girl -- but then, I shouldn't be surprised given that she's your daughter.


She is so, so lovely... I love this post.

Lut C.

So talkative! I can't wait for my girl to start talking for real. :-)

She's adorable and sounds like a delightful little girl.


She's beautiful Thalia but you already know that I'm sure.
I have to confess that I now visualize her saying "Mummy, Daddy, Ob"


she is lovely T and it is adorable that she is a little creature of habit too.


What a beauty! She sounds like great fun, too.


What a cutie!!!


She's gorgeous! This post was a treat.


She really is beautiful, and it was so nice to hear all about her. I love that she is strong willed enough to sit down on the stairs and challenge you, yet she is so lovey with her stuffed toys, a perfect combination I think!


She's gorgeous! I love having my monthly diaries to go back to, it's so great to have a record of what happened when. I think Pob will love reading this too when she's older!


My god, she's breathtaking. So rosy and happy.

Well done you.


She is lovely and wonderful. Love those rosy cheeks. And I love this post.


What a doll! I see there are a few trying habits ahead of us, if PB is anything like Pob. Oh well, we expected that and will have to weather it through. Luckily there is plenty of charm to make up for it, by the looks.



She is both beautiful and adorable! This post makes me think I ought to write more down about the various stages. It all seems so wonderful in the moment that I can't imagine ever forgetting . . . but all the wonder does blur into itself after a time and I am losing the details already.

Beautiful post!


still one of the most beautiful ever!


Pob is just delicious, no other word for it. And thanks for your "hello."


She is gorgeous, Thalia! Adorable!

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