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Sunday, 25 January 2009


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How cool that you can compare.



I know I talked far more than the Mini did at 16 months. Issues aside. I was already using short two word sentences before a year (go uppie, mama bye bye, etc, and I think that's a girl thing). I have to ask my mother if she drugged me. Because I think I was much the same way as you.

Betty M

I was definitely talking earlier than Z but probably about the same as L. I managed it in two languages mind - one of which I can barely speak now. I am impressed that you and your mother have such detailed notes. Even my birth weight is only recorded vaguely and as to time of birth all I got was "oh - after supper".


I was just saying to another mom yesterday that there's nothing wrong with a little medicine for baby (tylenol) if it stops the screaming for a few hours and lets you get some sleep.

Specially around teeth time. sigh...

Anyway, I spoke at six months, a few words quite distinctly, but by 16 months still pretty similarly to what you list. My kids spoke later than me, but still managed to get some words and gestures out that made some sense to me and now to our nanny. I think they understand and retain a lot more than they show. They just seem to be so busy learning everything, they can't focus on pronunciation or they would never bother learning to walk.


I think it's hysterical that your words at 16mo included smarties and chocolate!

I DO miss Smarties!!


Wow! That's an impressive vocab. At 14 months, Eggbert only has about 8 words.


Bryce can say many of the same words. He seems to get obsessed with one word every so often though and we hear that word about 5 million times that day! He learned to say apple over the weekend so I've heard apple about 200 times this weekend, lol.
Pob sounds like she's going to be a head of the game, I love to see Bryce do the fishy face also. It's adorable.
Too funny about the smarties, sweeties, and chocolate for you.


That's quite the impressive list!! I'm curious to see how quickly vocabulary grows.


I wish I had kept a list. I've been terrible at keeping the baby books but then when you hear about how you're reading yours now and comparing them, it makes me feel like I should get on it so the twins can have that experience. It sounds cool.


The idea of the cuteness of Pob doing fish-face is overwhelming. I wish I could have seen it.


I'm with May - a Pob fish face? Cuuute.

That's quite a list, and I have to say I was impressed with how verbal she was in the short period I saw her the other day. Piper only started saying chocolate before she turned two, and it was "chocrit". I used to show her chocolate just to get her to say it. Chocrit.

Hairy Farmer Family

Oh, the fishy-impression was just the BEST! I blinked several times in total astonishment - and what's more, it's not every child who can manage to continue to look like a cherub-perched-on-a-cloud whilst doing fish impressions, but Pob cruised it!


Wow she is a busy girl! Enjoy!


This list lets me know that I REALLY should be keeping track of these things!

My husband found his baby book recently and was bemused to discover that one of his phrases at 2 was "I know where your s**t is." This explains a lot about his early childhood.


I've been trying to keep track, but I'm not keeping up well, even though Zeb doesn't have anywhere near the number of words that POB does, even counting the ones that only my husband and I understand.


that's great! what are poppers?? piper has a long list too but when we see strangers out she just says "hi" and then "hi. hi. hi. hi! HI!" People often ask "is that all she can say?" After they've gone from sight she softly says "bye." But i hear 'mama' and 'no' FAR more than any of her others!

Valentina's Female Fertility Guide

Ha! One of my favourite words was "twactor" (tractor) apparently. Bit weird for a female :)

Sounds like you have one clever little girl there.



isn't language acquisition the best??!! it's so much fun. my 2 are 20 months now and listening to them talk is the highlight of my day :) your girl sounds sooooo cute! :) hope you're well.


I'm looking forward to the talking phase!
Clever POB!

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