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Tuesday, 13 January 2009


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happy birthday!! i would like some details on the cake, YUM!


Happy Birthday! Now enjoy your cake!

Betty M

Happy Birthday! Get past 35 and I reckon that RL friends only remember the big birthdays with zeros in them.
42 yrs ago in a couple of months my father was mostly out eating a curry apparently.


Love the photo!

Happy birthday, friend! So glad it's a good one :) xx


Happy Birthday!

tree town gal

oh happy day! my favorite aunt, from whom my daughter is named, was born on this day. she'd be 84 years old if she were still here and yet we celebrate every year. it's a fabulous day and i'll never forget your bday, T. enjoy enjoy....


Happy Birthday Thalia!! Only 42 - you're such a baby.


Happy Birthday!!!!!

My Reality

Happy Birthday, Thalia!


Happy happy birthday! And may each birthday be better than the last!

(None of my SIBLINGS have remembered my birthday for the past five years. In which case, I am still 28, which is fine by me).


Happy, happy day to you. Enjoy the cake.

That picture makes me laugh because it could be my own father - same glasses, same hairline, same year. Tee hee!


Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday toooo yoooou.

Okay, I'll stop singing at my computer now.



Happy Birthday my dear! Enjoy!


Happy birthday, just thinking what to do for my own celebrations next month (oh, and send me a Facebook invitation if you like, you know my last name but I don't think I have yours?)


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!

And I know that I have owed you comments on some posts...I am so far behind. Congratulations on the pg going so well.

And what do you mean you are on FB but haven't friended me! Arghhh. Please, pretty please, with sugar on top!!!


How awesome that you have this photo.

Happy Birthday. It is a sign of happiness, and maybe contentment, when you don't need your birthday to be a big to-do.


Happy birthday! That picture is great.


Happy Birthday!!!


Guilty. Did not remember on my own. But happy birthday! And love that pic. I have a similar image of Mr Bea, but only in my head.



Happy Happy!


What a fabulous photo!
Happy Day to you!


Happy Birthday!! Fabulous 42...so much of life to adventure on with.

I love that photo of your dad...classic!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday fellow Capricorn!

I had my husband on the phone just a few minutes ago with him thinking today (the 14th) was the 15th with regard to some work-related scheduling. "Um, no. I know exactly when January 15th is." I stated. After a brief pause he stuttered "Oh, yah, right... the 15th." I'll be really surprised if he manages to remember tomorrow.

Glad you had a generally happy day!


Oh, damn, I'm a day late!


(love the photo).

Kathy Napolitano

Happy Birthday! I'd have been more suprised if he had beenwith her. It was less nonrmal 40 years agon than now.


happy birthday T, here's hoping it was everything you could have hoped for. love the idea of dad putting his feet up because gosh waiting takes it out of a guy lol


Thalia hi,
How nice of you to visit me at my old blog site (babyodyssey...)..i stopped writing yrs ago, in fact after our 6th miscarriage....thank god i can report that i now have a beautiful daughter who is almost 1yr - Noa-Rose....& I'm 13.5 wks pregnant again.....amazing & wonderful. Happy birthday to you....how have you been????
Nicky x


Happy Birthday T! Man, everyone is on facebook these days, eh?


Happy birthday, Thalia! I am a week and a day behind you.


Happy Happy Birthday! So glad that you had a good one. My husband's birthday is tomorrow. Love the picture. I didn't realize you were on facebook also, I need to find you. Would love to see a recent picture of POB also.


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Belated Birthday, Dear Thalia! I'm glad that you had a wonderful day...you totally deserve it!

Oooh, and you're on Facebook too!? Guess I'll have to do look you up.... ;)


What a great photo! Happy belated birthday. I hope it was a good one, and that you're feeling well.


late late late but happy birthday dear Thalia. You are inspiring, compassionate, thoughtful and so damn clever! I hope that cake was a goodie cause you deserve it.


Happy belated birthday!


Ahem, still catching up on my blog reading, so sincere apologies for the belatedness of my birthday wishes to you - Happy Birthday! I hope it was a great one.

Also, what a marvellous photo!


Happy birthday, honey! Pregnant at 42 w/ great nuchal results...you're an inspiration!


Another belated happy birthday here!

Chez Perky

Happy belated birthday! Been thinking of you! Thanks for your comments recently.

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