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Tuesday, 30 December 2008


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Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I hope you're back on your feet soon. Rest.

My Reality

I hope you are feeling better soon!


Wishing you a speedy recovery . . .


Take care of yourself Thalia and I always think New Years is overrated anyway. I'm thinking that 2009 is a year for you to look forward to (not that 2008 and seeing Pob growing was too shabby either).


Happy New Year!

Now go back to bed.

motel manager

I have been sick so often this pregnancy...I'm hoping you escape a similar fate. Even now that I'm not sick, however, I still plan to be asleep by 10pm on NYE.

I hope you feel better! :)


Get well soon!



Feel better soon! If it helps, Sarge will be out doing a youth event tonight and I'll be alone at home. I'll probably be in bed by 9:30. You'r enot the only one who will have a bland New Year!


Get better soon!

Nikole Sarvay

Hope you are feeling more like yourself soon. 13 weeks is a great milestone! Happy new year!

Betty M

Uggh - sorry you are ill. This winter's lurgies have been particularly virulent. Hope you are now on the mend.


Hope you're feeling better soon - 13 weeks! Congrats!

Mo and Will


Hope you're starting to feel a bit better. Happy 2009.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and giving such good advice to my friend R. I have passed it along. She is 29 weeks now as of yesterday and holding steady.

Congrats on getting to 13 weeks "uneventfully." Fingers crossed that things stay that way!

All the best,



Hope you are feeling much better Thalia, and that 2009 is a bountiful and hapy one for you and your family. Yay for 13 weeks and many more! xx


Hope the lurgy goes very very fast. Damn that lurgy anyway. Very glad the first 13 weeks have been 'unevenful'. Uneventful is good. Fingers crossed for another 30ish weeks of uneventful.


Hope you are feeling better now!


I got sick 2 days after Christmas, it was awful. Stomach flu and a horrific cold all at once. Hope you are feeling better and Happy New Years.


ugh, hope you're feeling better!!

ms. planner

Congratulations on the good-news NT scan. So happy to hear that all has gone well so far. Happy New Year!

just another jenny

Hi Thalia,
I finally came out of blog hiding and I am overjoyed to see that you are pregnant again! In fact, I am shocked (and so happy) to see how many of us (yup, me too) are pregnant for the second time. I hope that things continue to go in the right direction and that your bringing home a new bundle of joy in the summer. All the best!!


I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well ... but CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy to hear your good news :)


Sorry you're not feeling well - but yay! 13 weeks!


I hope all is well with you. Glad things are good so far, hope you're all recvered from Xmas lurgy.

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