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Friday, 17 October 2008


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Of course, I must tease you (because I CAN!)...sounds like my famous last words! :) Hoping for one (or two) of those to stick around for the next 9 months. Hugs...


So far so good!
Fingers and toes crossed over here!


Not bad at all! My fingers are crossed for some good news next week!


Sounds like things are going very well. I am crossing everything for you.

Hairy Farmer Family

Thinking sticky embryo/endometrium thoughts for you. Supergluey-sticky. Hang in there, people.


Dear Thalia, I will just ignore your "old lady" theme and say that I am utterly delighted that the embryos look so good, and that three were transferred. I hope with all my heart that this results in a wonderful, healthy, long and successful singleton pregnancy for you, my dear. XO

Betty M

Still sounding really good there.


hoping like a mofo for you!


Yes, stop with the "old lady" thing, okay?
And I hope you actually haven't been here before.

another karen

hoping for you :0)




Where I live (also non-US), there is a heavy emphasis on singe embryo transfers and on using all frozen embryos before doing another fresh cycle, for the reasons you name. They're proud to not be responsible for any triplets in recent history!

Mind you, the also charge the same $$ for a single vs a double transfer, which is a significant disincentive, especially when it's on a frozen cycle. The odds of pregnancy with a single frozen embryo aren't all that high. So I transferred two for my frozens and one for my fresh. And ended up with multiples, of course.

Hoping at least one (but not all three!) sticks for you,




I'm very hopeful for you.


All bits crossed


Fingers crossed for you. I think I've mentioned this in the past, but we are the same age and for me to get the one Kitten I have, it took 3 fresh cycles: on the first we transferred 4 and got 0, on the second we transferred 5 and miscarried a singelton, and on the third we transferred 5 and got the Kitten. So I would have signed that paper, too.


Thalia, my fingers, toes, everything... are crossed for you!


Hoping for one good strong, 40-week implantation. Fingers crossed.


I hope for a successful outcome for you. I hope you get the best possible outcome!


I'm generally pretty conservative in my thoughts on how many it's sensible to put back, and, yes, alarmed by others' decisions in this regard. But your decision doesn't fall in that category, honestly ...

Here's to a healthy pregnancy.

ms. planner

Have you and the three on board in my thoughts...


Very best of luck!


Just dropping in quickly to wish you luck. Your blog just updated your whole cycle at once just this moment and so I'm blaming bloglines for not hopping on sooner. I'm sure I only just read through your blog on Friday but assumed bloglines had pointed me to all your posts... anyway. Good luck. And sorry about the theft.



BAD bloglines - it didn't let me know about any of your october posts until today!!!

Wishing you ALL the best for this cycle. I don't think you're mad to have transferred three at all.

WRT the suppositories, just so you know, they definitely kept my period away for longer - my LP without them was 8-10 days, with was 15-20 (yes, I am the master of keeping unwarranted hope alive).

My Reality

Wishing you much luck with this cycle.

Ellen K.

My RE (US) is pushing hard for single embryo transfer but not surprisingly, given the high cost of IVF here ($11K out of pocket, not including meds, in my Midwestern city), it's not a popular idea. We didn't have the option to transfer more than 2 embryos, since I was 31, but standards get much looser after age 35.

Wishing you lots of luck and some seriously sticky embryos!

marie baguette

I believe that even in countries where they only do single embryos transfer they do allow for 2 after 35. Anyway, I was quite surprised last time I went to france by the number of twins in the street -- I wonder why since officially the country favors single embryo transfer... I will repeat what my doctor told me: this is the right choice for you because it is your choice. I am keeping my fingers crossed...


Best of luck to you, my friend!


Fingers crossed and all that business. Sending you the very best wishes a girl can send... lets hope at least one of those embryos finds a new home in your ute. Hang in there.


Ah, your feed is back! I hope that there's an embryo sticking around for the long haul!

Country Chick

Good luck from an even older lady.


Not bad at all! I'm hoping hard for you.

motel manager

Wishing you lots and lots of luck.....!


Wishing you loads of luck!!

Melbagirl @ A Taste of IVF Over 40

Our stories are a little similar. How is everything going? I hope you are OK.

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