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Friday, 03 October 2008


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Oh wow, just ... hugs.


I am so sorry. It really, really sucks.


You hit it right on the head that it's cumulative.

I'm still optimistic for you, friend. xx


Maybe for right now it's up to us to carry the torch of optimism for you.
I'm up for it! Anyone else?

marie baguette

I am pretty much at the same point: I just went through IVF #3, and I don't want to fight anymore. It is just too hard physically. This attempt hit me like a ton of bricks. I would like my son to have a sibling, but what if they don't get on well or keep fighting? Yes, a single child is not what I had in mind, but we are among the lucky ones


It sucks, and it isn't fair. It just isn't.

I thought pregnancy would 'fix' me, but nope. ANd the thought of doing IVF again is not one I relish....


Betty M

I'm sorry. It is just crap that it is so hard.

I know I do the same thing myself every month so I have no assvice at all except I will keep being optimistic for you.


At exactly the same point.
Hard to explain without sounding like an ingrate isn't it?


I'm sorry. It sucks. I remember 7 months as being a particularly hard time the first time around (silly though that sounds). It had all started to build up by then, but I wasn't used to it yet. It actually got easier later. I hope you don't get to later, though. Good luck with IVF number 5.


This sucks... I'm sorry. My hope for you is luck to happen twice... it would be wonderful. Hang in there as you start your fifth IVF... We're here with you.


Sorry about the pink smear. May luck find you again soon.

Girl Detective

Hugs and love, and that really sucks. I'm so sorry that this is so hard. You're not greedy. It's not wrong to want what you want. You want a sib for Pob. Keep trying as long as you "want", but yeah, you're allowed to gripe. How else would you get the support you need on this arduous journey?

another karen

with the exception of the ivf cycles (my ovaries are so far gone and my fsh so off the charts we were flat turned down by 2 top u.s. specialists), i could have written this post. right down to getting my period on friday. my little one is just a couple of months older than Pob, conceieved naturally after we were told to give up hope. on the one hand, it seems so greedy to hope for a 2nd miracle. on the other hand, i look at her and i see the very definition of hope.

like you, the worst days for me are the day i get my period and the few days after. then, damn if that little bug of hope doesn't rear her ugly head again. and you are SO right about the whole cumulative thing. i never looked at it that way before, but its so true. its also true, though, thank god, that it no longer hurts as bad as it did in the days before her. nothing ever could.

still hoping for you. if i've learned anything from this ride, its that we just never know.


I'm so sorry. Optimism is a b*tch. Almost as bad as hope.

I'm sorry it's so hard. And I'm hoping you will get lucky again -- no matter how it happens -- with Pob's little brother or sister, and soon.


Please tell me that you don't think of me as "an old lady miracle of fertility".


I'm so sorry that it's all so depressingly difficult, but I'm with the hopers.

Hairy Farmer Family

I'm so sorry, Thalia. An unwanted period and a stolen bag officially sucks. Officially. I wish I could wave my magic fertility wand for you - and then do that peculiar little flourish at the end that makes all thieves' balls drop off and hit the floor with a wet slapping noise.


I'm hoping for you, my dear. Always hoping.


so sorry Thalia, we are in similar boats at the moment, my daughter is just over 2 and im 42 next month and have been trying for another baby for the last year or so, I know the odds are less and less in my favour especially as before her I was told my chances of conceiving were less than 1% god knows what they must be now. Anyway just to say I did become pregnant again in July, with my 'old' eggs and altho it didn't work out im trying to look on it as a positive, at least S met E and that is a huge plus as far as im concerned. Hold on in there. Im hoping and praying for both of us and anyone else out there in same position. with all best wishes xx


To (badly) paraphrase one of my favorite Joss Whedon shows, when you can't hope, you try to be optimisitc. When you lose your optimism, you find someone who can be optimistic for you.

I'm still optimistic a sibling for Pob will come whether through IVF/FET or a second miracle.

And it seems I'm not the only one who feels that way.


I'm sorry. It seems like a lot of the people who got a miracle had to wait a long time, which is hard to contemplate in our 40s.


Dear Thalia, for some reason Bloglines didn't let me know about these last two posts, so I'm coming here a bit late. I'm so sorry this is such a difficult time for you -- I think about you so often and hope that this month is your month. It would be so wonderful to have it happen for you again.

Are you switching clinics for this round?

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