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Monday, 27 October 2008


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Dear Thalia, I am so absolutely thrilled to hear this. I didn't want to write it yesterday, but the rumblings and tuggings didn't start with me this time until after I had gotten a positive. I'm so glad your body seems to be doing something similar now...

I can't tell you how much hope I am sending your way. May everything, everything turn out wonderfully, all the way down the line.

(And I agree, that test sounds designed to reel women in... Pure evil!)


Yahoo! Three cheers for evil digital test! I will hold back full throated congratulatory shriekings until...yeah...July 8. But still. This is good. This is better than good...



Wow. That's awesome. I hope you get a great beta tomorrow. Those tests sound insanely cruel.

Hairy Farmer Family


Betty M

zippedy doo dah!!


Fantastic news! I was holding out great hopes for you. Good luck with the beta and try not to totally wear yourself out working.
This is great news.


It is a roller coaster, but this is great news.

Rachel Inbar

Wishing you a surprisingly great beta tomorrow and more good news to follow that :-)


What a happy thing to start the day with!


What wonderful news! Keeping all crossed for you that all goes well.

And what an odd test--I guess I always thought you were pregnant or not, not by degrees!


Holy canoli.


I'm hoping for the best. YAY! And of course, NBHHY.


Wahooo!! I hoping the very best for you; can't wait to hear about the beta!

another karen

WONDERFUL NEWS!!! you just MADE my morning - only wish you could see the smile on my face :0)

you are right, of course, there is still such a long way to go. but at least you're on your way.

wishing you a lovely journey....

all the best,


Hooray hooray hooray! That is absolutely wonderful news! I am thrilled for you.


Yayyyyyyyyyyy! I can't wait for tomorrow!


Wow! Okay, the test is horrible. But here's to hoping for more good news!


Just proof positive that our bodies will fuck with us given any chance, which in this case is a thrilling event. Best of luck on the beta, dearest.


Wonderful. It sucks that one can never be sure.. but any positive step is better than negative.


Well, what a spot of great news! Good luck with this whole process, and oh, how I wish it wasn't as drawn out as it is.


fantastic news!! That sounds like a very swank test. Hope tomorrow's beta is kick ass!


Well congratulations :) :)

I was too scared to use one of those tests.

FX for a good, strong beta.


What great news! Hoping for a nice big number tomorrow. (Is it too soon to joke about twins or triplets? tee hee!)

Carla Hinkle

How wonderful. It is crazy how your body can trick you, isn't it?

Going about my day with a smile ...

Somewhat Ordinary

Happy Monday!! That is fantasstic news, congratulations. Those tests sound like the devil-I will be sure if/when we try again to get my hands on some.


Oh! I'm holding my breath, and I can't wait for tomorrow and I'm wishing for a huge, strong, beautiful beta tomorrow!


I'm glad that you were wrong about the results of this morning's test! Hoping for a nice beta tomorrow, and the next one, and the viability scan, nuchal... and a healthy baby sometime around 7/8!!!


Is ok with a very quiet, whispered "Woot!"?


OH MY GOSH!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Like Hammy the Squirrel in "Over the Hedge" jumping around with you for you! Congratulations! This has totally made my day! Seriously....so happy for you.


Fingers crossed for a great beta!


Well! Some breath being held here.


PS out of curiosity, I tried to see if this new test is available in the US but it seems not...


Woo hoo!!! Best of luck with beta!

Lisa Later

holy moley! here's hoping...


Such good news. Hoping to hear more of the same!


Sometimes it's good to be wrong, huh?
Hope everything goes very well tomorrow.


Has anyone pointed you to www.betabase.info yet? The expected median beta-hCG for 12dpo is only 35mIU. For 13dpo (tomorrow), it's 62mIU. Given that, it sounds like you're perfectly on track!

Congratulations Thalia! I'm very happy for you!


ohmygosh i'm silently screaming (a happy scream) in my office right now, so exciting (and also terrifying) but YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh hurray hurray hurray, i'm so SO happy for you!!!!!!! not prematurely happy, just the exact right amount of happy. because this is still FANTASTIC no matter how early!!!!!!! YAYYYY!!!!


wow - on tenterhooks here!

Country Chick

Oh gosh, I have not been checking your site because I couldn't stand the suspense, and now I can't wait for tomorrow's results. So far so good . . .

My Reality

I am so happy to read this news!!


Incredible, congratulations.
Now I guess its just going to be a question of how many!


I am jumping up and down with happiness and excitement for you!


I have my fingers crossed and am sending up some prayers... so very happy for you and praying the beta tomorrow is good. Hang in there...


It's always a terrifying time right about now. But we have to go through it to get past it, of course.

Cautiously very very excited for you,



I know you're not ready for effusive celebrating yet but I think this is very good news. Sooooo much better than if it said "Not Pregnant". Right?

One step at a time. Here's to a solid number.


Wow, I'm psyched that you were wrong, wrong, wrong! And, I'm so excited to hear tomorrow's result! As for the test, I hadn't heard of those, but it really is a brilliant idea. I got so obsessed the first time that I was taking one a day for a couple of weeks there just to compare lines. This would have definitely added to my crazy.


Fingers tightly crossed; remembering Mare's experience (though I haven't forgotten it didn't include IVF), I've been hopeful for you ever since reading you felt utterly ill -- how twisted is that?

marie baguette

Congratulations!!! I know those days are just horrible. Not sure what your doc's office policy is but see if you can pop in whenever you feel like getting a beta. My doc checks beta every 2-3 days, but it was absolutely nerve racking. I wish it was done on a voluntary basis. I know, I sound like a never-satisfied-monster! Good luck and please keep us posted!



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