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Friday, 19 September 2008


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Lovely post...I'm all choked up.
Thanks again for sharing your experiences with us. I consider it a privilege to read your blog.


A beautiful memory, two wonderful moments with your daughter. De-lurking to say thank you for sharing it.


What a fantastic post. A year? Already? Really? Happy birthday Pob!


Lovely. What a lucky girl Pob is. Thanks for sharing.


Wow a year already??!!! It is amazing how life is so different in such a short period of time.


What a beautiful post! You've gone and made me all teary.
Happy 1st Birthday Pob! And congratulations Thalia for making it to this wonderful milestone.


What a beautiful post to honor Pob's birthday. Thanks for sharing with all of us.


Truly gorgeous post.




Aw, you made me teary with that one. What a lovely post. Happy Birthday, Pob!


Oh, I'm crying! I can't believe it's been a year already. I am so unbelievably glad that you and Pob are making this journey together!


Wow-I can't believe it's been a year. What a wonderful memory and a beautiful year for you! Your struggle and happy ending are just so inspiring-thank you! Happy Birthday POB!


As I read this post, I cried more and more. I can't believe it's been a year.

Happy Birthday, Pob!


What a lovely post. It's amazing how quickly our lives can change (for the good and bad really). It seems like only yesterday and yet it seems I have loved him for all my life. I am glad you took time to enjoy it, tonight and always.


Happy Birthday Pob :) What a beautiful post to remember the day before you met your daughter...

My Reality

I can't believe it has been a whole year. Happy Birthday, Pob.


Happy birthday to your dear girl, and what a lovely observance.


Happy Pob-day. Beautiful post Thalia xxx


How can it be a year already??? I can't believe it. What a sweet and lovely post. Happy birthday, little girl.. how lucky you are to have a momma who fully recognizes the wonder of your being.


beautiful. enjoy her 1st!


So sweet.

Betty M

Happy Birthday Pob! And such a beautiful day too.


Happy birthday Pob (& Thalia & H) ... I hope you've had a wonderful day!


Dear Thalia, that was beautiful. I love those visitor-welcoming gestures you remember -- I must confess my preparations (if that is indeed the word that applies) included nothing of the kind. But I do remember the before-feeling, and that sense of not being able to comprehend what was ahead. And how could we have, really?

Happy, happy birthday, little Pob! May the coming year be as full of love and learning as the past one was, and may you have nothing but health and happiness to look forward to. Banana and I send you our love and congratulations across the Channel.


Oh, such a beautiful tribute to Pob. I cannot believe it's been a year already since she was born. Happy birthday, baby girl!


I'm so glad for you. Happy Birthday, little one!!!


That's a beautiful post.


What a beautiful post. Happy birthday Pob.

Ms. Planner

What a most beautiful post. You are such a fabulous mom. POB is a lucky little girl.

Congratulations to POB (and you & L) for the first year! A major achievement.


Ah, what a beautiful post. I cried at the bit where you sat down.


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