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Wednesday, 03 September 2008


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hehehe oh aren't you in for it!!


Wow, Thalia, Pob is so far along! Amazing verbal skills. I wish I could see her talking away... What an amazing time, isn't it?

Over here, no discernible words (despite repeated instances of "was that...?") and still no teeth.


That's amazing. Go Pob!

P.S. I posted a blogging award for you, because you rock.


Oh, the acquisition of language is the coolest thing. It just gets better and better!

Betty M

Excellent stuff from the Pob there. It is so cool when you realise they can really understand you.


Hey wow! I think language skills are cool. My mother tells me this is because I haven't lived through them yet. But I still think they're cool.



How fun! Our daughters are almost the same age, and it is so fun to see what my little one comes up with next!

I am afraid that 'no' is a favorite over here as well :-0


It's so much fun hearing babies try out new words. She'll soon start spouting off ones that will leave you shaking your head and wondering where on earth she learned them.


No is a powerful word!
Go POB! (re: the toy thief)

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