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Saturday, 20 September 2008


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That sounds like a perfect first birthday. Happy birthday to Pob!


I was a bit premature in my birthday wishes yesterday, sorry. So, in a more timely fashion - happy birthday Pob!


Hooray! Happy birthday Pob :) Enjoy your week away!


Beautiful, and I'm impressed she knocked back chance of more cake for the fruit and veg. Gorgeous day for all.
And happy Birth Day to you too Thalia. xx

Girl Detective

Happy birthday to Pob, and happy parents for a year day to you and H. Love to you all.


Happy Birthday POB (it's really been a year already!)


Happy Birthday Pob! It sounds like a perfect 1st birthday party.


Happy Birthday Pob! I can't believe it has been a year! I still remember you floating in a little bubble on the right side of your mommy's blog.

Any chance you'll send me a photo of the b-day girl? You know, with all the extra time you have on your hands? :)

Betty M

Sounds like a lovely party. Happy Birthday again pob.


Happy bday pob! I can't believe it's been a whole year already!


Happy birthday, sweet Pob!


Happy Birthday Pob!


Happy birthday pob! And happy mommy-versary to you too, Thalia!


I'm catching up on my reading and cannot believe it has been a year! Happy Birthday, Pob!

Any photographs of this 1-shaped cake??


Happy Birth Day to both of you!


Can you believe our babies are turning 1 now? It's amazing. And wonderful. And happy birthday to your beautiful little girl.


Happy birthday, Pob!


OH! Happy Birthday POB!!


Happy Birthday, PoB!

Lut C.

A year come and gone, and such wonderful things happened in that time.
Happy birtday!


Happy birthday, sweet girl!


Happy belated birthday, Pob!

Thank you for writing these last two posts. You may recall that Pob and the Kitten share a birthday (Pob is older by 2 hours and 3 minutes), and I have been very neglectful in writing things down. Reading your posts made me relive both the day of her birth and the day of her birthday - and now I'm off to write the details for her!


Happy birthday Pob! Sounds like a successful party, T.



Happy Birthday to Pob, very late! Sorry!

I assume you are busy saving the free world from economic disaster, but if you have a minute, and feel like explaining the bailout etc, I'd love to hear it. I kind of understand it, but I could use some clarity.


that is so wonderful!!! thank you so much for posting about it as i have been wrangling over what to do for piper's.

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