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Tuesday, 02 September 2008


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I never bought into the whole non-underwire thing while pg either. I don't have quite the same issue having gone only from a 36A to a whopping 38B, but I still find them more comfortable.

Ellen K.

I'm disregarding the no-underwire myth as well; although a smaller-busted girl, I need some uplift!

My underwear drawer is a disaster. Pregnancy has given me a profound respect for well-fitted lingerie.


I have multiple sizes of bras, but I have to admit, I wear underwire, and my solution is to just organize the drawers and only have the bras out that fit me right now.

All the other clothing sizes, are stuck in boxes or in the closet. Just me.


Is this a UK thing? I have never heard anything about an underwire ban during pregnancy. I've been in underwire bras since I was about 13. I'm not stopping until I have to.


This is yet another moment when I'm pleased to be under-endowed. I survived in simple stuff (white, cotton, definitely no underwire -- cannot stand that) when pregnant and in the early stages of breastfeeding, switched back to sports bras as soon as it was practical to do so, and survive mostly braless now, as I did before I was pregnant and did even, to some extent, in the later months of breastfeeding. I just can't stand the feeling of having all that elastic around my ribcage, though I realize if I were larger in the boob department the tradeoff would no doubt be worth it.

Still, it's quite clear I'm in a minority.

marie baguette

I read that the underwire was only bad if the bra did not fit right. Otherwise, as you said it, underwires are needed for bigger boobs. By the way, I am appalled by what American girls are wearing. Apparently Oprah did a big show about the Bra because so many women just wear crappy stuff with no support at all (interestingly, a bra is a "soutien gorge in French or "hold the throat"). Thanks for addressing this myth!


Dude! Forget Rigby and Peller, forget John Lewis and ye gods, don't even try Evans (people, stretch straps + large boobs = not leaving the house)(although the husband was pleased). No, hie thee straight to Ample Bosom (http://www.amplebosom.com/). I ~heart~ Fantasie of England.


Yep, bras in four sizes in my undie drawer now I've been pregnant, flunked breastfeeding and gone back to not quite previous.... :)



Ahh bra's and bf'ing! That's the first time I heard anything about underwires, I am a bad infertile! I hate bra shopping, I have 2 nursing bras that I am still wearing and I stopped nursing in June. I really must buy a new bra!

Country Chick

Does eating fresh pineapple really help implantation? I never heard that before!


The trials I have had!

Also, being a small back size, I have the most trouble. They don't like going above a C or D in a 32. I was doing swimmingly in a 34DD, but am now finding it rides up, even on the tightest setting, and from prev experience I know for absolute sure there are no 32DDs on the island. Thinking of ordering online, but put off by the fact that I have returned all my previous online bra orders for ill fit. Will look up your sites though, may start to feel stupidly optimistic and order some.



P.S. I wore an underwire til 24wks. It was the only thing I could find that fit properly, and in the end I got frustrated and figured a proper fit was more important. So glad to hear I haven't ruined my life or anything.



You are a goddess! Your site has my fav nursing bra but IN THE SMALLER BACK SIZE! I am saved! SAVED!



Did you know that wearing a bra 24/7 increases your chances of getting breast cancer? just to let you know...


I have absolutely nothing of value to add but I'm fascinated by the bra discussion. I am perpetually on the lookout for bras that fit well even as a non-pregnant, non-nursing individual. My breasts were two different sizes before surgery and are very different now. I usually wind up in a 36DD but it's never quite right. I'm always jealous of women who can walk into a store and walk out ten minutes later with a bra that fits. I usually go on a ten-day epic hunt every year or two and then wear what I find until it literally falls off of me.

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