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Sunday, 03 August 2008


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Didn't you get pregnant all on your own when you where on a holiday?? How good can holidays be?! You should be going all the time! In the mean time I wish you all the best with the waiting....


Dear Thalia, I've been meaning to comment here for two days, and I've kept getting thwarted. But now no excuses!

So glad the transfer went well and that you went ahead with three. I just wish you could have had a discomfort-free experience. And I agree about the bedrest, though sofa time seemed like an excellent idea.

Re: holidays, that all sounds very familiar. I understand your thinking so well. When you're used to betas, it's very hard to go without them. But I'm so very glad you're planning to go on holiday anyway. It will be good for you to have some relaxing time together, the three of you. And a week is not so long -- I know it can be interminable, but a healthy beta progression can still be determined quite well if there's just a week in-between. (Picturing you hyperventilating here and saying "JUST A WEEK???")

I am hoping with all my heart that your pee sticks and your beta bring you everything you hope for.


Yeah, I get you about the holiday disagreements with the hubby. Mine seems to have fantasies about the woods, until he gets there.

He never seems to understand that blackflies exist and it's cold and wet there mostly. And that kids may not be such a good thing to add into the mix. Resorts are much better with kids.

As to the beta question, I have an idea. Why not go for a Day 11 beta, and then Day 13 to check for doubling? I've done them as early as 8DPO, and they came out fine.


Good for you for going ahead and planning your holiday without letting the "what ifs" stop you. I'm hopeful that this cycle will work out for you, sweetie.

BTW Portugal is a really good choice (for future holidays), or so says one of my colleagues who went there when her boys were quite small.


I vote for friends in Vermont!

Not that I have, y'know, ulterior motives or anything.

I'm just saying it's a small state.

One that I happen to live in.

It would be a heck of a playdate...


Girl Detective

I vote for a US visit next time. I'm heading to the East Coast this week, and the anxiety of packing and planning has set in. So much, too much!, to do.

Betty M

I wouldn't discount the mountains with a baby - easier now than in a year's time. Cork though is supposed to be really lovely so I think that is a good choice. Personally I have never been a fan of the all singing, all dancing everything on the compound resort so our holidays are pretty similar to pre-children although maybe a tad less relaxing. Next weekend we are off to Vancouver and then San Francisco to see friends. I'll let you know how unbearable the flight/jet lag are. Of course I fantasise about finding out I'm pregnant whilst away so will have to ignore the in flying in early pg rule....

I associate repeat betas with disappointing results at the first test so would be happy to forgo them. I'm pretty sure you could find somewhere to do it in Ireland if really necessary.


Find a BUPA (or Irish equivalent) that will do you a beta??

I was reassured by my one-and-only beta at 4+6 last time and it was indeed predictive of a few more weeks' of OK pregnancy, but I'm not convinced I'd go for one again - my clinic doesn't do scans before 6 weeks unless you have a history of ectopics, but I think I might just wait for a scan in the future. But I did have one month when I was going to be away at the point that would have been 6w and was more convinced than usual that it might have worked, so was googling private clinics in my destination.


Stop with the negatives! All we are saying is give the peas a chance!

Seriously, though, my clinic sounds similar to yours - bedrest post transfer is cobblers, and flying is fine provided you don't have a lot of bleeding. I can understand your frustration and worry, though. It's a difficult place. But the other good news is Cork has facilities that you can turn to should you need it.

And Italy? That would've been yum.


I'm hoping that you get a nice strong beta and you spend the week having fun and trying not to obsess about the next beta and then you come back and find that its right where it should be for a week plus past the prior beta. Did that make any sense?

Cork is beautiful. I have family there and I'd love to go back.


Infertility: Making simple decisions complicated for everyone! Hope it all works out and you have nice, strong betas.


I'm really hoping this cycle works for you and H. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Enjoy your holiday! :)


Who isn't addicted to betas? I think I was addicted to my progesteron levels too...

Jo in Utah

How disappointing. I thought your beta addiction had to do with letting your beloved internets what was going on so we didn't lose our minds. Ah well...

another karen

after numerous losses left us jaded enough to assume our last pregnancy would go the way of all the others, we didn't hesitate in the least to plan a ski trip out west that would take place when i "should have been" 19 weeks. my comment to my husband as i clicked "purchase" on the NON-REFUNDABLE airline, hotel and lift ticket package:

"now THAT would be a problem i'd love to have...."

and i did - love to have it that is. i spent the week puking in the condo (after missing morning sickness completely, the altitude sickness left me practically incapacitated) while hubby and the gang took turns enjoying 2 feet of fresh powder and checking on me constantly. it was, without a doubt, the best non vacation i've ever had.

wishing you the same "troubles." :0)

all the best,

Rachel Inbar

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!


Good luck Thalia. And good on you for not letting it affect your choices...god that whole putting your life on hold thing, how well I rememebr that....


Good luck. I went for my blood test on my way out of town for 3 days when I got PG with my daughter. I had to wait until I came home to find out as I didn't want to know if my husband wasn't there. It wasn't fun waiting that long! (So I don't think flying is a bad thing? I also flew a couple days after I got PG with my boys)

Anyway wishing you good news!


I'm just jealous you have that many options!


Well, you know Phil flew from Oz to Sing when he was an embryo of that age, so I don't know what the fuss is about. Nobody seemed concerned for him - in fact, the nurse specifically advised that flying was fine. The ectopic worry is more rational, even so, early for a rupture. Hopefully you end up with the problem of where to get your beta fix.


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