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Sunday, 10 August 2008


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Well, fingers still crossed here. You know I'm not one to say "ooh, don't give up yet, think of all those people who had a negative test and went on to have a baby". But fingers still crossed.


Fingers crossed here too, my dear. I've been checking in all weekend and hoping hoping. May you have good news tomorrow morning. XO


Fingers crossed, crossed, crossed.


Hairy Farmer Family

Well, our son was a negative pee-stick fished out of the bin an hour later for re-inspection. If you see what I mean. But I also had the crash & burns, so I can feel a little of what you're going through here.

Hoping so very hard for you.


Wow, never a dull moment!
Fingers crossed tightly here!


Everything crossed here. Keep us posted, sweetie. xx


Oh, for clear answers. Good luck with beta.


another karen

STILL thinking of you..... :0)

and hoping for good things!

Jo in Utah

Dang it! I really, really wanted you to POAS, but I wanted it clearly, darkly positive. Not this. This isn't what I prayed for, I promise, unless, it leads to a sib. Then yes, I did.


Like I said before, all of mine were negative--until they were a positive beta, so who the heck knows?

I will await the beta news tomorrow.


so so hoping for rock star beta tomorrow. Those FRER tests are always fainter than other tests. I hate them.
totally thinking of you...


Thinking good thoughts.


Still hoping for you...


Everything's crossed here, too!


Crossing my fingers for you. Wishing you some good things very soon.


I really hope this works for you, despite how dreary the odds look right now. A little good news would be a welcome sight!


I am hoping so hard for you right now! You are in my thoughts, and I hope you get some good news tomorrow.

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