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Sunday, 27 July 2008


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Lut C.

I'm glad you had a good time. Sounds like a good way to prepare for a cycle. Good luck!


It sounds lovely. Weekends like this are the best way to feel like you want to go back to see your baby.

And overfeeding? I'll wait to hear the whole post I guess, but my kids were always 95% height and weight for the first couple of years. It's just the way things went.

Are you both tall people?


Unless your ped is concerned, I wouldn't be. Kids tend to be all over the mark in the first year. They know what they need and how much. My guess is that when she starts walking and running, she'll most likely fall back into her curve. The Mini had a check up where he was really high and then one where he was really low.

Our baffling one is his height. He's always been near the 90th for height, which I'm guessing will fall off at some point. Neither of us is very tall.


It sounds like you guys had a lovely time. It is nice to have mini breaks once in a while. Good luck on Tuesday.


Sounds like a lovely weekend, and also a lovely bevy of follicles. Hope the ER goes smoothly and lots of those follicles are holding nice mature eggs!

Betty M

The party sounds great as does the hotel. In theory I think it is great to get away but in reality I always miss the kids terribly. I have to confess here that we still haven't managed to both be away overnight together yet.


Screaming and clingyness may be connected to leaving her, but she's been with someone she loves and trusts, and it's good for her to learn who are the people to trust, and who Mummy trusts too, and that Mummy will come back when she goes away.

Country Chick

All the best parties have 'no assholes' - what a great recommendation! That made me smile!

Girl Detective

Sounds absolutely lovely. What's your favourite programme (had to retype for UK spelling)?

I always relish time away. Though I do miss the wee ones, I'm with them so much that any break is a welcome one, and attending a grownup function and wearing grownup clothes, with no fear of snot or spit up? Heaven.

I echo: check with your ped. If s/he's concerned, you'll hear about it. Percentiles fluctuate, and she's probably at about her heaviest, if she's just about to walk on her own; she'll likely be leaner soon.


I bet Pob will put on weight more slowly when she starts walking, and all will be perfect. Babies tend to 'chunk up' just before they toddle - they need the extra fuel so they can develop a whole new range of muscle-skills. Which means she'll soon be charging about and running you ragged. *sigh*

I'm glad the weekend went well, and was SOOOOO relaxing.


The infinity bath looks wonderful! Sending you good thoughts for retrieval in just a few hours... xx


Sounds like a successful trip! I'm sure mummy will recover in time, and also be forgiven.


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