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Thursday, 10 July 2008


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Hairy Farmer Family

Yay for huge poos!
Better out than in, I always say.


It probably is a tooth.

Good luck with the baby blessing. I had to stop myself from writing baptism, suddenly remembering of course that you are Jewish! Dork me.

Now keep trying away this month, if you get to forego IVF, we can all make jokes forever about you really being secretly fertile, hehe.


I am tossing a handful of baby dust in your direction this month...and enjoy the baby blessing, I hope it's a wondeful event!

Betty M

Hope tomorrow's party goes well - the weather is allegedly improving.


I think the cycles that turn out best are those "Meh.." ones. Here's hoping that you're on track for a sibling for Pob.


Have a wonderful event tomorrow! And hoping that you don't need to use those meds after all...


I miscarried back in Oct. 2007 and the fear of infertility has been lingering around. It haunts me everyday. We've been trying to get pregnant for 4 months now, and still nothing -- reading your blog was the 1st step for me to face the fear and embrace some hope. Thank you.


The pooing and fussing sounds toothy to me. Something to do with all the extra drool they produce and swallow when teething. Poor little mites. Poor little mites' parents.

Hope the party went beautifully, and good luck with the scheduling. Sounds... very very busy.


Hope the baby blessing went well Thalia...and good luck with the other stuff too!

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