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Thursday, 31 July 2008


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Hoping right along with you, my dear. Embryos do have their own timing -- five minutes after the embryologist's report, whaddaya know, another division.

I know this is not the hard, evidence-based reassurance you're looking for, but: I've got a good feeling about this.


I'm with Kath!

Betty M

Another anecdotal call to embryologist at 8 am - 2 cells and transfer two hours later 4 cells - 8 months later baby. So I'm with Kath too. All things being equal are you going for 2 back tomorrow?


Yeah, I'm assuming that you are only implanting one, maybe two? Or if things are not good tomorrow, will you just put in 4 or 5 and forget about freezing?


Kath is a smart woman. Really, she is.

Thinking of you. Keep us posted.


I'm squeezing my thumbs so hard that they're quickly losing circulation.

It would be really cool to be pregnant together again.


Fingers crossed. Very crossed.


Thinking of you!


Hope all goes well tomorrow!


Very hopeful for you, Thalia. Even "not so good" embryos work out though, as I know you know. My own not so good embryos are fast asleep upstairs, so just know I will be thinking of and hoping for you.

Lut C.

You're still in the game, that's great! Good luck!


Well, the clinic is still going for a day 3 instead of day 2 transfer, so I think it's still good news.

Good Luck for tomorrow!


Dear Thalia, just coming back to wish you the best of luck tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you and sending good, hopeful vibes your way. If you can stand to update from bed, please do. Otherwise, we'll all understand if you'd rather snooze. (That is, unless you're going back to work? Eeek. In which case, try not to snooze too much.)


I hope all goes well...and everyone is right, these embryos do their own thing indeed. If you're feeling nutty, eat pineapple. It supposedly helps implantation. Could all be crap, of ocurse, but what the hell?


Wishing you all best for tx tomorrow, sweetie. xx


Thinking of you and wishing right alongside the rest. :)


Hoping it all goes smoothly today - have my fingers crossed for you x


Hoping it all goes smoothly today - have my fingers crossed for you x


I'm keeping everything crossed for you. Good luck!


I'm keeping everything crossed for you. Good luck!

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