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Wednesday, 23 July 2008


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Can you adjust the antagonist dose at all? Since that's what changed between the two scans, it seems like the antagonist is having perhaps a more marked effect than you would like?

I did a little bit of searching in pubmed and while there isn't anything specifically related to increasing dosage during dosing (at least that I could find in my quick search), there were a couple of articles that did suggest that more gonadotropin is not necessarily better. You could probably find articles suggesting the opposite too though, as is usually the case with things like this.

Your lining is great, and I really hope that whatever you decide to do meds-wise, that you do at least get some nice mature eggs out of the 12's and 11's!!


Dear Thalia, knowing next to nothing about different protocols, I can't really weigh in here, but I thought Nico's comment made a lot of sense...

Just wanted to say I'm continuing to hope for you like mad. And may there be a pleasant surprise in the number of mature follicles on Monday -- and many, many pleasant surprises after that.

Re: return date -- it's still Saturday. I'm seriously bummed. Not that you won't be seriously busy with other things on Friday...


No idea about the dose, I'll leave that to others, but would you please stop calling yourself an old lady?

You are *not* old, even if you do mean it jokingly. You are young and beautiful and more fertile than some if you still have some antral follicles like these.

You certainly seem to have lovely amounts of estrogen!

Betty M

No idea I'm afraid on dosage - I would be too mean to give myself extra Puregon given its crazy price!


I had cycles where I was bumped up from 3-4 amps, or 4-5 amps mid-cycle. But I also seem to recall a post of yours from a long time ago about how increasing doses above a certain number (can't remember what the number was) didn't have much effect...?

The other thing I've been meaning to ask you to post about is how you decided to stay with the pre-Pob clinic, since you had kind of been looking around at others when you got pregnant. In any case, thinking good thoughts for you for this cycle! xx


Now you know I'm always a fan of self-medicating (as well as second guessing REs) so why not up it just a bit? I'm also interested in an answer to Kay's question because I'm nosy like that.


I second the above comments that more gonadotrophin isn't always better. Plus more follicles does not equal more good eggs, the whole quality/quantity issue. You can't recruit more antral follicles than you have in any particular cycle, no matter how much you stim.

But who knows, IVF is such a cross-your-fingers experience.

Wishing you good luck at your retrieval, since I may be offline at that point for a while,




I am crossing my fingers for you! Good luck

Portia P

My first Dr always said increasing the does makes very little difference.

I didn't believe him, but on my last cycle i was on the top whack dose and produced exactly the same number of eggs as I did on 300, so now I do. The Doc always believed you got better quality eggs from a slower build up which makes sense to me.

Good luck.

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