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Tuesday, 15 July 2008


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Ugh. I'm sorry that you didn't get lucky this month. You are just a few months ahead of me in this trying for #2 thing, and I can totally relate to being hopeful about natural conception, but very anxious about trying IVF again (even though my one and only pregnancy was with IVF). That totally makes emotional sense to me, even if it's illogical.

Good luck hon! Hopefully your "old" ovaries still have a few nice tricks up their sleeves.


Good luck :)


Probably a lot of your feelings come from the fact that Pob was from a natural cycle so you know that it can happen.

I'm interested to read your thoughts on secondary infertility. I'm planning to jump back on the IVF bandwagon in January and I'm not looking forward to it either... but I know it is a necessary evil.

Betty M

Sorry that you didn't get to avoid the IVF cycle. I have always try to focus on quality rather than quantity as quantity has never been on my side.


I don't envy you this train ride . . . but I sure hope you reach the desired destination!!


Sending good thoughts as you begin this upcoming cycle. I'm sorry that you are back on the train, but glad that you decided to get on sooner than later. xx


I'm sorry that your period showed up. I was hoping for another miracle for you. Now I'm hoping that this cycle is all you'll need.


Thalia, this just may work. One never knows in this tesious game. I'm routing for you.


Sorry about the crimson bitch. I'm hoping this cycle goes well, the non-suppression helps, and you do get another miracle as a result!


Argh - sorry to hear that the witch showed up and that it looks like IVF is on the horizon. I don't at all think 41 is too old though so get that out of your head right now.


Good luck, T...I'll be keeping you in my thoughts....

Hairy Farmer Family

I'm so sorry that this month wasn't a goer for you. I know it's hard starting another cycle when you're just not hopeful about the results. I was also a stim-hardcase! And although I'd really love to instruct you in stern fashion not to dwell on the whole 41/6 eggs thing, I know very well that I would be so much worse and absolutely obsess over it - intellectualisation be damned! - so I won't be so hypocritical! I'll just wish you the very best of British luck, and keep my fingers tightly crossed for you again.


We're 6 yrs into our 2ndary if journey... and it's hard. I can't imagine though coupling it with being 41 (though people always tel;l me, you're only 31- you have time, and I hate that.)

I wish you the best... I really do.


Oof. Crossing all bits for you. At least getting your period means you know you're good to go...


sending lots of good wishes ... best of luck & all that.


Well you know that I'm optimistic...cause if my ovaries can put out, anyone's can. Seriously.


I guess it all comes flooding back, huh? Good luck.



That's always the way, isn't it? I'm sorry you have to travel down this shitty road. Good luck to you.


Good luck. It may well not suck. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

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