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Tuesday, 10 June 2008


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Rachel Inbar

Great idea :-) I'd love to participate.


Count me in! I'll send you a note.

Hairy Farmer Family

Hi Thalia,
Unrelated quickie: I can't seem to subscribe to your RSS feed & it's been driving me potty! When I click on subscribe it can't open the file. Can you tell me your RSS/Atom thingy-whatsit please? Ta muchly.


Count me in! Do you need an email as well?


Count me in too!


Hi Thalia:
Count me in.


Put me down for cloths/towels of some type. It's not on the list but I buy more every. single. time. I go out these days.



I'm in!!


Definitely! Also, I have plans to see her once she's back and give her some of my son's clothes he's outgrown & other random baby things. If anyone wants to mail something to me, I can give it to her personally.


Coutn me in. I sent you an email.


Thalia, I cried when I read this post. Your emails have been a huge help and now this? I really don't have the words. Thank you so much. And thank you to everyone who has responded so far! I feel really, really lucky right now. You guys are awesome.


I just sent you an email. Please count me in!


sent you an email too - anything I can do for the wonderful Flicka!


I'm curious to hear what you think about the whole political thing now - it's always so interesting to hear from someone with a different perspective.

I emailed you too, of course.


oy - my comment didn't show up. I emailed you as well, but I'm in! Can't link to the registry, but...


Please count me in too!! :-) I actually just went a little crazy shopping ;-)




I'll email you . . .

fisher queen

Great idea. And Yeah for Flicka and Sarge!

Let me know what needs to be done- I'm sorry my ancient laptop can't access your email link.

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