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Sunday, 22 June 2008


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So....British women like scarier, higher heels, and American women are all about the excessive bling? ;)

Both sets of shoes scare me, but I'd definitely take the British ring over the American ones!

My Reality

I like the green shoe better, too. However, if I wore it, I would kill myself!


As usual I am slightly embarassed to be an American.

Somewhat Ordinary

I'm more of a flip flop girl myself! Oh, and I'm with Joy.


Maybe I should move to the UK? So I can find the shoes that I want?


What it means is that you Brits are still more fashionable and more refined, still the metropolis and we're still post-colonial even as we're simultaneously neo-imperial, even after more than 200 years. And I voted for Obama because he unambiguously opposed the Iraq war, a war that HRC cravenly voted for. It was as simple as that...

Thank you so much for your comments on my last post. I'm leaning hard on everyone I know right now, in and out of the computer...


Ah, you are a cheeky one, Thalia.

(They both look skanky to me though.)


The British one is far superior. The American one is tacky. Huh.


I think the green shoe and ring are very tasteful. The three rings on the US version? Ugh. I guess it goes along with the world view of Americans being super-materialistic. Did I say Ugh?

fisher queen

Yes, yes, the American one is tacky. Alright already.
Who is it that makes these choices for us anyway? I wonder how many Americans would actually prefer the green...

It is fluff fiction anyway though, so maybe the furry rhinestone heel is just the thing.

Yikes I don't care. !


Interesting...I think I want those green shoes. I wouldn't be able to function in them, but knowing that they're in my closet would make me happy.


I like the green shoe, but then again, I wish it had three diamonds.

Heck, since I can't wear either shoe, I'd like to wear all the rings instead....


I like the British ring and shoe better. I think I'm in the wrong country. I fake a British accent to drive my daughter crazy!!!

Betty M

No to both shoes here but definitely prefer the UK ring. You can really have too much diamond on a finger.


If I were judging a book by it's cover, I'd choose the UK book over the American one!


I'd like to see the Canadian cover . . . (though we/they probably don't even rate a third version . . . boo hiss).

I'm not even going to comment re annalysis!


For the record, I have a nice, non gaudy ring and mostly wear Dansko clogs . . . so what would I know?


That's hilarious!

Are the American shoes really supposed to be white furry Christian Louboutins? Funny!

I saw a pair of shoes when shopping online with the disclaimer 'please note that these shoes are a fashion item and are not intended for everyday use'. What then, just to look at? :-) The green ones would probably fall in that category too... I definitely prefer them though!


...both the green shoe and the diamond on its heel. But I'm of European stock, maybe that makes a difference.

Ellen K.

Interesting! Well, I'm a bit of an Anglophile, so I'd go for the green, not the bling.


The US version says more to me than just a love of excess. It is more representative of the Hollywood lifestyle that is usually associated with Harry Winston. The shoe is ridiculous from a wearabilyt standpoint and you would only wear it if you were, say, on a red carpet; in the same way we as Americans associate Harry Winston with the red carpet and celebrity. Furthermore, from a literal perspective the book is about Harry Winston and chasing him down, not about high heels, (which for the record in that green shoe the only thing you would be chasing is a visit to the ER)the second or US version has a better balance between the shoe and the diamonds from a visual perspective.

That said the ring I would like on my finger would likely be the one on the British cover, then again I won't buy diamonds for ethical reasons and should I ever decide to Harry Winston would never have my business. I feel it's ridiculous to spend 2 or 3 times as much for the same thing simply because it says Harry Winston.

One last thing. If you are ashamed to be an American, move. My family moved here from Cuba after much consideration and constitution comparison. We were all able to, with hard work, become educated and contributing members to society in whatever careers we chose. We are all proud to call ourselves Americans and we did not vote for Bush or believe in the war in Iraq, nor do we think french fries should only come in tubs. We are liberals who drive compact cars and live within our means. What we like most is the liberty to do what we want within reason and the choices we have from religion to career to free time. I am so tired of hearing people talk about how much they hate this country; no one's holding you hostage!

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