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Thursday, 19 June 2008


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The commando-crawl!

I miss that....


My little guy came to me running already...(sigh). Little Pob will be running around soon asking for the car keys. Enjoy these crawling days.


So it's new travels for both of you...Tricky managed to perfect the caterpillar crawl, quite inchwormish, make sure you video it...
when you described the plane being late at Heathrowe I felt my stomach churn because that rising panic at being too far too long from your baby is the worst...


Glad to hear your little girl took such an excited interest in getting to her momma! My girl (she's seven) is spending two and a half weeks with her grandparents. I'll miss her too!

Country Chick

I was reliably informed today that ALL children LOVE remote controls. Why IS that?

Girl Detective

For my elder, that commando crawl lasted about a day. Another mom told me to get it on video. I was glad I did; the next day he was crawling for real.


So you and Pob are both on the move. Sounds like you both are adjusting to these changes nicely!


We used to keep old remotes for just such occasions...and now I guess I'll need another one, eh?

I hope you don't have to travel too much, I know why you have to, but oh how this sucks to leave.

another karen

our little one also took "forever" to go from the "up on all fours" stage to the crawling stage. with her, she would rock and rock and rock and then, when she saw something she wanted, would use a "roll and roll some more" approach to get where she wanted to go. this went on for almost 2 months. then, literally, over a 48 hour period she went from that to "really crawling" across the room fast enough that gates HAD to be installed IMMEDIATELY. i don't know - it was like something just suddenly "clicked" in the motor skills section of her brain and that was it.

we're at the same point now with walking. she has been scooting around the furniture for weeks and occasionally toys with the concept of letting go and standing on her own. then its back to her "comfort zone." i'm curious to see if the transition from "almost there" to "got it" happens as "overnight" here as it did with the crawling.

isn't it just amazing to watch.....


I have yet to leave the Kitten other than to go to work for the day - the thought of a longer separation fills me with dread. I'm glad you survived and got that cute reward on your return! The Kitten finally figured out crawling 2 days ago, just in time for her 9-month peds appointment (and a happy 9 months to Pob as well!)

My husband ordered an extra remote just for her, which sits in her toy basket, without batteries. She could play with it for HOURS. Daddy's little girl...

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