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Wednesday, 21 May 2008


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Yes, mine got up at 4am this morning to watch it. And I'm expected to feel sorry for him for being tired?


They are strange....don't even ask about the logic of hockey riots...

Betty M

Me neither. Neither does G which makes him rather odd as far as men are concerned.


Same here. I'm having a personal crisis and he's looking over my shoulder at the post-match boringness.

Glad to see your H is a Red too or I don't think mine would have let me talk to you...


Conversely my Dad was practically banging his head on the coffee-table and wailing. *sigh*

And this approximately seven minutes after I told him that yes, I was pregnant, but I'd spent the entire afternoon in hospital and was feeling JUST A LITTLE TENSE.

'That's nice dear - ohhh no, Chelsea, NOOOOOOO....'.



It is peculiar, isn't it?

Portia P

My husband doesn't even support either team AND he's not big on football but i had to endure him shouting and screaming at the TV...I just don't get them...


Tim was telling me that they have had to really caution fans of BOTH teams not to be too rowdy since none of them would really want to end up in a Russian jail. No sh*t. Probably just living in Russia is like being in jail in the UK. Jail in Russia? Forget it.


Men ARE weird.
Do you suppose that's why we love them?

Lettuce Hater

So scant is my knowledge of all things football that I wondered out loud to my DH (not watching, but flicked past at a crucial moment) whether Chechnya had a snowball's chance in hell of winning.

Um, doh.


I think that is funny because I might be caught doing that, too!

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