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Monday, 12 May 2008


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motel manager

I'm so jealous of your vacation - it sounds so wonderful!


Sounded like a nice vacation. So happy that Pob loves people -- that is so wonderful (mine was attached to me studying people intensely for a long time!)

I guess it is good your nanny talks a lot -- at least you know that Pob will be getting a lot of verbal stimulation. Does she speak another language? lol

Enjoy this week.


Welcome back! Glad you had a lovely vacation. Italy would be on top of our international vacation plans, too. Not glad you have to go back to work, but what can you do? It may be nice to have some Thalia time.


That sounds like it was a lovely vacation!

Hope the first week back at work isn't too stressful for you although I imagine the first few days, at least, might be kind of tough.


Sounds like a lovely vacation even if the work trip was hectic. Just wait til you've got one of those LOUD three year olds of your own! But hopefully by then she'll be (mostly) letting you sleep at night.


Enjoy your time with Pob. My heart goes out to you - making the right decisions for your family should feel good, in all fairness, but it doesn't, and it's hard. Pob is very lucky to have such a wonderful thoughtful mother, and she will be absolutely fine, and you'll both be so happy to see each other every evening!

I'm glad the holiday was good - I grew up in Italy, and it's the one thing I really miss, the Italian Baby-Worship. I remember taking my littlest sister about in Italy (I am a good 14 years older than her) and everyone being so pleased to see us and sympathetic when she was having a melt-down. Accompanying my neice about in Britain - not so fun, and she's a MUCH better behaved child than my sister ever was.

Bee Cee

Italy has always been on my top 5 list....we're going to Venice later in the year but there's so much more of it I want to see. Your post made me want to go NOW!

Hope you enjoy the week with Pob, what fantastic weather...are we really in England? And I hope work goes well for you, I am sure it will be tough at for you.


Sounds like a lovely vacation. Sorry for the sleepless nights. Hope Pob gives you a rest soon.

Have you tried copying the photos you would like to upload onto your desktop and uploading them to typepad from there? That's what I have to do. But I haven't tried to upload photos in a few days, so maybe there's something else wacky going on?


Glad you had such a nice time in Italy - I'll have to add that to the list (France is not as baby-worshipping, but that's where we'll be going for the forseeable future so everyone we know there can spend time with the Kitten - it seems that planes don't fly the other direction somehow...)

As for nannies, I was REALLY stressed out about leaving the Kitten. I am happy to report that, 4 months into the "experiment", it is much easier. The Kitten has become attached to her nanny and it is nice to see the toothless grin when she arrives in the morning. There is that much more love around my baby and I see this as a good thing. As a bonus, the nanny speaks French to her, so that I'm not the only one (particularly nice given that I can't be 100% consistent since the daddy speaks not a word...) So all in all it's a plus in our lives, even if it's still hard to walk out the door in the morning. I hope you have a similarly positive experience, once you get over the shock.

Enjoy your last week at home, and good luck with the transition.

P.S. - The Kitten has started with the head waggling too, and it just charms the pants off everyone - me included. Every week I think she can't get cuter, and then the next week she does...


Oh Italy. Mmmm so much good food.

Betty M

The Middle East does a good line in baby worship too but not so good for holidays......
Hope the nanny is working out well in your week together.

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